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Important Checking logs service

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Jan 8, 2021
Dear friends!
We decided to add a new service for you, according to the project rules: Server RULES - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude
"2.2. You are responsible for sharing your account;
There is no punishment, but GMs are not required to assist you in recovering stolen goods in case of account sharing fraud.
Sharing this information is the most common cause of account and item theft. Our databases are very secure, firewalled, and patched with the latest exploit fixes. All passwords in our account database are encrypted as well for added security. Every single case of so called account being hacked came from individuals who share their accounts with family, real life friends, and girlfriend/boyfriends. Other occurrences are due to some sort of fallout in a personal relationship with a friend in real life, or a online friend! Sometimes malicious users will befriend other players with the motive to eventually gain their trust to steal items.
Regardless of the reason someone might decide to give their info to someone, just remember that we warned about it, and if something comes up missing, it could have been prevented by following these simple guidelines. It is absolutely essential to keep account information to yourself!"

From now January 26, 2021 the section of the rules about the scam will be slightly changed.
"7.1 GMs do not restore lost or dropped items(can be exclusion if you lose items by server mistake or error). Stealing or scamming of any kind is a bannable offence on all L2Dex Projects."

If your character was scammed, you can order a log review service. This service includes:
- return of your items (with the exception: broken via enchanting items can't be returned)
- information about scammer (character's nickname)
Service cost - 300 ToD (from your Master Account only).

Remember, only you are responsible for your items, so if you don't share accs and make good unique pswd. Scam impossible.
Hope you will never need this service, but we add it just in case.

To order this service, you need to write to our discord Jam Jam
As you know, this is not done very quickly, so you will need to wait a little while our staff makes an investigation.

As for the punishment for stealing items, it remains the same - account blocking.
"7.1 Stealing or scamming of any kind is a bannable offense on all L2Dex Projects."
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