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Download Speed / Crit error

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Jan 15, 2014
So im trying to set everything up for days,whats happening:
1-im downloading your torrent with 100 mb/s optical fiber connection-and it is at 11 kb/s... LOL.
2-downloading rpg-club client (which is the smartest thing to do imo) and when i finish i run the updater on system folder and it crashes...

What do i suggest? since your glory days downlaod torrent works fine you should try to make an updater that will let us update glory days chronicle,or get a decent torrent for awakening chapter 1,do something of this and don't come here to suggest things like check your ports,run as administrator,delete system,etc... ive doen that all. Kisses and fix it...


Jan 17, 2014
Totally agree with Flamer. I have 1m dsl connection and my top download speed is ~130kb/s. I'm downloading this torrent for weeks, because most of the time its not working, or downloading at 5 kb/s. If you want a good amount of players in your server, you should pay more attetion in details, like advertising, more info on website (not everyone read foruns), or maybe even a new website for dexbr, and, most important, you REALLY should provide a decent client download link, not some bad torrent with the files already intalled, which makes it bigger, way bigger.


Nov 18, 2013
Not intended to make commercial or something just for a faster client download !

1.Download the client from here: - select GOD image.
2.After you download the client delete everything inside sistem folder.
3.Download dex updater, put it in empty sistem folder,hit run and enjoy !

Good luck
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