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CP LF Wynn 95+


Dec 29, 2013
International CP LF Wynn to play with us.

Our group is international, members are from Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary.
The language is English.

We are a friendly group, who prefer having fun instead of brainless grinding and stupid moves.
On the other hand, we require activity and experience with your class and decent PvPvE skills.

What we require from you?
- level 95+ Wynn
- daily activity 6+ hours, every day (exceptions upon discussion)
- CP prime time: 19-24 GMT + 1
- speaking and understanding English
- must be online on TeamSpeak
- experience in PvP, you must know your role
- gear: 300 apo bow
- candidate must be calm and friendly, no ragekids or item whores
- DD/Tank dualclass, alt characters for Freya/Tezza (can be done later)

Contact ingame MrPresident or mail here.
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