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Staff Mistakes

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Jan 29, 2014
As a player who has been playing since day 1, I feel the server is getting boring each day it passes. We used to have a full Harnak 2/3 a week ago, and a lot of active people. Now, when you open Waiting List, you see about 10 people looking for party. Big clans with 20 online people. Smaller ones with 5 sometimes. I've logged in every single day since server opening, and I feel it's getting emptier day by day.

I've been talking to some people about it, and we came to the conclusion: people are quitting simply because server is getting boring. No Sieges, Olly only started last week. We have some Lv 98 people already, a lot of 97-96 and NO Siege at all! No Territory War. And we all know that this is the core of Lineage 2. Some clans are doing what's left to do: war. And, even if we consider that, we have around 6 clans on server. So... it's like playing on a big instanced dungeon with the same limited number of people (and this number decreases day after day).

So, Staff, shouldn't you reconsider that? I mean, now it's late to make Siege happen 2 weeks after server opened, but yet again you delay Sieges in 1 week? Don't you see you're doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what players want? By the way things go, we'll be Sieging with NPCs next week and after that, against no attackers.


Nov 7, 2013
oly and sieges supose to start after 1`st week not after 1`st month. is a fking mid rate server and is totaly bullshit to have first siege when ppl get 99lvls (same thing for oly). but know is easy to open servers every month but you need to have a minimum of knowledge how to manage a server and keep the community on it, if not, they call u "nomads" even if u play here for years and quit when they fail with their projects. Don`t worry dex staff has years of experience, they know what to do......:))
Not open for further replies.
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