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pepsiQQ lf CP (6h min. prime)


Feb 26, 2014
hi i'm currently playin on averia in Jacky's pinnators, but my cp left and there are like 3 other international dd cp's so finding pt w/o reroll is kinda impossible. = After careful consideration I'd rather make new char on official files than reroll on java.
I'm always in in prime, i played with big clans on big servers. I don't have wooden pc, I'll donate and I'm lookin' for smth serious.

EE or (Sorc, SH, SPS) or SK/PAL/DA or TYR/GLAD/PW/Trick

leave me msg, I can consider other classes (but i won't play bd/sws/wc, thanks).

ex. servers :
l2averia x7, AyGo's grp - Tyrant 84/75/75@noblesse x5, VIP's grp - EE neiz 85/75/75/75@noblesse

only grps with at least 6 regular members, won't join random grps.
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