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after merge


Feb 2, 2014
Future steps for GOD: DEX 3x and DEXBR servers

1. 5 march 2014 - DexBr will be updated to glory days
client :

2. Since 2 march we are testing merge script : we will add DexBR database to Dex3x database (there are 16500+ chars to transfer and ~1370 clans)

After merge script is fully tested , servers will join into one project

What will happent after merge :
1. All castles , Clan Halls will be owned by npcs
2. Olympiad will be restarted
3. Clan logo from DexBr wont be transfered (you need to readd it)
4. If you have total of 7+ characters on same acc , there is dropdown menu in char selection and you can select all characters
5. If you char name you have on DexBr is taken on Dex then your char name will be have at end of name"_br"

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what rate?


Nov 11, 2013
I'll put my question here: what about the Lindvior patches? What is the possibility to get to Lindvior update anywhere in the near future? It would be really nice to refresh and re-start with more fun to play for. Thank you in advance!
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