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Main site wont isnt working, I can only enter forums..


Mar 26, 2014
this is the most weird problem i've ever seen.

I could enter the website from everywhere, but now no matter what link and to where inside the website, it just returns me to google. how the hell could this even happen?

i've cleaned my internet history, the main site is not blocked, I have both internet explorer, and firefox, both return me to google search and just lose the link I gave them. all other web site work (everything), and my anti virus is off. i've restarted my net, restarted my pc, and for some reason my other pc in the next room has the same problem.

there is no reason in the world for this to happen, it worked fine last night and I didnt change anything. friends told me the site is working for them, how can this happen?.

I would understand if the main website was down, but it is not, please help, it's not even just about the game anymore, I need to understand what the hell is going on.
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