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a little help with bounty hunter


Mar 28, 2014
I've played a lot on old Dex / Wrath c4 and interlude, but since then I've lost touch with L2.
I decided to join the new server and I was thinking about a bounty hunter.

I've been trying to see what changes in skills and equipment were made all the way up to H5, and I see that now the bounty hunter has expertize and skills for dagger as well.

Is it still better to equip the little old miner with heavy armor & blunt / sword + shield or with light armor and dagger ?
Since dwarfs do not have that much evasion, is combining heavy armor with dagger (minus the shield) better ?

I would appreciate any general info about this.

Thanks !


Jan 8, 2014
personally i find the dwarf stronger whit hvy and hammer ( stun ftw )


Dec 19, 2013
if you want to use dagger u have to use light or it is going to be a total shit because of this
Potential Ability Lv.3
When equipped with a dagger or a dual dagger, increases Critical Rate by 40% and Critical Damage by 384. Requires a light armor to be equipped.

In my personal opinion if you solo/duo with buffer thats is around your lvl heavy+blunt is still the way to go but if you farm with a lot bigger buff bot [for example you farm sop with cov box] or you farm with bigger party where you dont need to survive any dmg then dagger would kill faster since 40% crit rate boost is more than any normal dagger gets.


Mar 28, 2014
Thanks eximus and Gusiux for your response, I hope to see you and many others in game.


Nov 8, 2013
At low levels and easy/decent mobs the type of armor doesn't really matter. For start, choose a sword for pve and a blunt for pvp (stun). In pve swords will give u the same power attack and passive skills bonuses, but will have a significant higher crit rate, especially if you get focus SA.

Daggers aren't really worth it except in pve. In pvp you will need heavy armor and a blunt (stun and hp SA).

In the end, it's mostly a question of taste. Pve is easy both with daggers or swords (ofc, dual daggers are best). Pvp is stuck in heavy and blunts, unfortunately.

Just have fun with it ;)


Mar 31, 2014
Hello Jason.
I've been playing dwarves for about 7-8 years and as far as the changes to the BH go i got this so far:
For leveling its best to go with a dagger(dual daggers) and light armor for the crit chance buff from Potential ability.
As far as pvp goes i've been trying some stuff with the BH but what it comes down to is - always use heavy armor. Use blunt + shield for stunning
and there is also this trigger buff you get when using Crushing blow which is pretty insane - +15% p.atk and some atk spd and crit dmg.
The strategy is if you can get a pair of dual daggers and a blunt you should try to swap mid pvp - stun the person go behind him swap on daggers and
stab him. Or you can just maul down with a blunt (thanks to the Collectors Fortune buff i mentioned earlier).
So thats about it if you got any questions feel free to ask i'll try to explain if i can :p
oh 1 more thing check this dwarfie out: < more videos in the user's profile



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