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Maestro looking for CP/Clan


Mar 31, 2014
Heya guys I guess some credentials are in order:
I've been playing l2 for about 8 years.
Mostly warrior classes and WC/SWS.
Been on retal from c4 to Interlude.
Played for a while on Raidfight on RPG Club.
Raidfight I was a Maestro85/78SWS/76Paladin/77Dreadnought and was in BloodBound if that
means anything to anyone :p
Been a hero on TehGamers for a while but it was a high rate so doesn't
really count.
So my plan here was to go for a maestro and try to find a archer/warrior cp and go with that
but i might also consider going for a dreadnought or a sws.
So thats about it post if you need to ask smth i might have left out.
Oh yeah I am from Bulgaria.


Mar 31, 2014
Also i might roll a Fortune Seeker instead of Maestro. I just love the dwarfies :)
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