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Greater Healing Potions Donation


Mar 29, 2014
you can sell greater healing potions to the shop for adena, i dont know if anyone reported this yet but it should not be possible to donate for adena directly at the server start. there might also be other items left that you can sell to the shop for adena.

edit: you can also sell pet exchange tickets to the shop for adena
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Mar 11, 2014
edit. Well i can understand why you say it, but I think they know it already that you can sell them and the ammount of 25 is not random at all. The thing is that on previous servers people used to abuse that you could trade TOD and buy them at the start really cheap and managed to get PA with prices like 1.5kk for 30 days. I am not saying the 3.5kk that you need now are going to stop them, but for sure it's going to delay them and maybe the profit for the server will be even more, by forcing some of them to donate. Well also with that price they can sell 1m adena for 2euros and i am totally fine with that high price and also people are not going to buy adena for real money from randoms that much, they will instead go for the safe way, so more profit. So it's WIN WIN WIN for the server, you got to make the money bro.
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Mar 30, 2014
1 Euro = 50 tod = 1250 HP pots = about 500k adena , I dont think that this is such a big deal for donators, only moron donate, ehm, lets say 10 euro for 5kk Adena
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