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Cant start playing


Dec 2, 2013
Hi. There is a problem, due to which i cant create a character and it is massage which says that im disconnected.

From server start i couldnt log in for 2 hours (stuck at logging in window), and when those problems were fixed and i could even select proxy another one appered -- this massage about d/c. I tried to turn off antivirus, make full check -- didnt help. Today i downloaded client and updater, installed, checked files, made every step from post "how to install game" but there is still that msg.
There a couple players with simular problem, but w/o ways of soluting it, so i decide to create this theme.
Also i tried OBT yesterdey after noon and it works well.
Im not using any bots or whatever as Staff proposed in some post.

Some players still cant start playing and waiting for help.


Nov 6, 2013
fast way :

- or reboot pc
- or delete system folder in game client and use full check in updater
- or player windows have not real time (need fix it)



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