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Contest - The greatest videomaker on Arion


Nov 6, 2013

Our precious players, we are glad to invite you to the competition: "The greatest videomaker on Arion" .
You have the opportunity to become a part of history , showing all the best moments of your game.
Works are accepted from 13 to 22 April!
Everyone can join to this event.
Who will be the winner?
We determine it via the number of views on Youtube!
Results will be announced on April 22.
Terms of submission of entries :
• From One contestant we could take to 5 video, but win the prize could only one of them
• Maximum duration of video work - 60 seconds.
• Video works spread only via youtube.
• Your video may contain - screenshots from Arion , audio, visual and graphic elements from the game
• You must point in the video, server on which you play - Arion, and all projects which refers to it (Defo, LiRu, Dex)
• Video quality should be not less than HD.
• The minimum number of hits - 300 . So distribute your work , if you want to claim the prize!
• Leave your works in this topic .

Prizes :
1st place - 2000 TOD
2nd place - 1200 TOD
3rd place - 600 TOD
Prizes are based 50 TOD = 1 euro .
We sincerely wish you good luck!
To help the participants :
Work with video:


Apr 14, 2014
So if i make mixed with screenshots and videos, is it must to be lineage2 sound or it can be some song?


Apr 14, 2014
Im sorry im asking too much questions but im very interested in participating :p

Where do we send videos?



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