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New CP - WhiteWolf


Apr 5, 2014

For first i want to say that i play Lineage 2 since seven years. The history begin here on old dex x4 (C4). Some of You remember my nick some dosn't like it, yes i'm old member of OOWW :) It dosn't metter for now couse many thing change. The real riot makers i mean clans like: EK, TO, LR, Tracii, WarFare and many more just retire. I was too trying to resurect my old clan the Order Of White Wolf but it was a misstake, the clan core members sad enough. It's realy hard to create or resurect a new clan and recruit people who have a little knowledge about pvp it's just impossible and waste of time.

Me and my friend (Mayan) which we played together seven years we decided to create a CP the new team. We're looking for english or polish speaking people who played last years on dexternet network. We're looking for classes 65+ (best option with a grade) level like:
- WC
- BD
- EE
- BP
- WK
- Archer (Saggitarius)

We don't have any clan. After build CP we'll try to find some. Second think is we don't want people with "wooden PC" or pc using "hamsters" really i played seven years and i'm a little tired to hear "I HAVE FREEZ" or "I HAVE A BLACK SCREEN" or "GUYS WAIT FOR ME I'M TELEPORTING". We're looking for people which have a enough knowledge of pvp. Pm in game for more information or just send an email:

Our old frapses mostly made by MRV:

1. OOWW NightHunters -
2. Old good times C4 -
3. Hydra - DeathBeforeDishonor - vol1 -
4. Arion x4 - Aden CS z ally OOC -
5. Lonely Wolves HUNT -
6. :( - BB DEX i think it's a last fraps

7. 4Fun servers WhiteKnight(OOWW) vs BMF - and this

Nick in game: Kalashnikov or Mayan

I'm sorry for bad terrible english :p


Apr 5, 2014

For now we've:

- Kalashnikov -> PR
- Mayan -> n00b kamael archer
- Wolverine -> HK
- ever -> BD
- Fresh -> WC
- Opiate -> SWS
- Obliterate -> n00b kamael archer

We still looking for a strong healers:
- BP
- EE

Pm in game Kalashnikov or Mayan, or just send an email. :)
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Shar Nadal

Feb 25, 2014
Jezeli szukacie ee i archera moge zaczac od nowa z kolega duzy online etc PA itd , zalezy od dogadania sie czy pasuje wam od zera.



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