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Future Spectral Master LF Clan (PL/International)


Apr 18, 2014
Hi, I'm just starting with this server and looking for people to play with.
I will make PS. I'm experienced player with about 10 years of experience in game. My previous servers include: RPG Club x15, L2Dex Roxy, Official Interlude, and even old Paradise. Had many raids, sieges, PvP, oly matches. I can play solo or with CP, I don't need nanny or someone who will equip me... I just need people to play with.
But I won't change main, won't make any boxes to play with clan, neither will I play on subclass.

Whisper me "Wilk if interested and we will talk in game or on TS. If some old friends from RPG are playing here PM me !
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