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NEW Condemned CP - Archers - OPEN


Dec 3, 2013

We are players from old warth, looking forward for comeback :)
Plan is to start new CP.

Prime: 17:00 - 22:00 gmt+0 - we can still /discuss it

Mainly, we are looking for old Warth people we know, however feel free to send us your story via PM on forum/IG

Since crazy convinced me for playing not long ago, we are recruting from level 0=reroll possibillity(for this week only) - if you feel you want to be part of sth important, and you are not atm - have a talk with us.

For now we are:
whiteberryy - DA
crazydestiny - trickster
possibly gonna invite from old/new Condemned.

We are looking for:
-2nd Trickster

*Some classes are marked with yellow, since we have possible candidates, but nothing sure yet so feel free.

Farming with archers CP is pain in the as - so if you are pussy or drama queen that gonna cry that it's slow - get the fuck out.
Hard work will pay off later.

-TS3 is a must

PM in forum: whiteberry
PM in game: crazydestiny/whiteberryy (some fuck took my nick lol)

Important: if you have keybord with russian cyrillic, order normal one from ebay or whatever, and than we can talk.

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Dec 3, 2013
We are looking for BD.
Only requirement about level is 73+ by monday.

Pm in game crazydestiny
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