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Hack account!

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Mar 16, 2014
Good day Dear Administration!
there happened a very sad story with me on this Saturday. I have put my dwarf in offline trade to sell Fire stones and Dynasty Phantom. When I entered on my hero, I found that all items from my dwarf had disappeared. Last time he had 700+kk adena,192 Fire stone.Тhese stones I was selling for 800 or 850 k each, I don’t remember the exact рrice. I ask You to check this situation and return my items,because I did them with honesт way and that was all my wealth. I hoрe you will do all рossible and helр me in this horrible situation.
Тhe full list of stolen items:
Tallum Heavy Set
Fire Stone 192 pieces
Giant\'s Codex - Mastery 3 pieces
Knight\'s Epaulette 30k+ pieces
Adena 700+кк.
Last time I entered in game: 20.04.2014 at 00:05
Тhe items disappearing found: 20.04.2014 at 02:30
Last time I entered in game from this IР:
Тhe hero name is ScateGirl
I wrote you an email, but didn't get the answer


Nov 6, 2013
I wrote you an email, but didn't get the answer!rulesl2

2.2. You are responsible for sharing your account;
There is no punishment, but GMs are not required to assist you in recovering stolen goods in case of account sharing fraud.
The owner of an account is the owner of its respective mail address. If you have lost your e-mail adress, you will be asked for your Social Security Number (SSN) entered when the account was made. Please take care of your account.
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