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LF Mage CP or Clan


Apr 25, 2014
I'm a casual player right now since i don't really have anyone to play with, so thats why im looking for some people to play with in order to put more time into this Server.

I'm a lvl 67 Spellsinger Main right now, got Premium Account and all that good stuff.

I can be really active if i find some ppl, would even call it nolifing.

If anyone is interested or wants more info please pm me or leave a message below.


Apr 25, 2014
Well hey Buddy im Garambo from Rebelz

We are a really new Clan here.. forming some cp already.. and looking Forward... our Main Goal for now is maybe the same like yours.. Get Higher.. Gear Up... and see what we can do in the future :)

if u interested or got some question... pm me "Garambo or "Raffnix or "Kassy or "Bahamud

We Accept hardcore and casual players lets just message Ingame if you want :)

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