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Cardi/Summ LF Mature CP/Clan


May 5, 2014
Heyo, guys, my name is Mat, A.K.A. NjordKashvar.
I'm looking for good, friendly, exp and mature ppl.
I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish... and I prefer to play w/ TS3 or Raidcall.
I would like to play with Cardinal or Arcana Lord/Elemental Master to support CP.

- I don't started to play yet, I just wonder if I'll get people to play together.

Nacionality: Finland
Live in: Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Age: 19
- I play L2 since C2 in official EU server, but I (rage)quit when Hi5 died. (GoD sucks)
Hobbies: Play L2 and write songs to my band in which I'm on guitar and vocals. (
- High exp w/ low rates servers and High Five, good leadership, mature, speak 4 lenguages, speak only what is necessary...

*** I can get strong as fast as you think.

That's all, guys, if you're interested in me, please, send me a PM here or reply my post and we'll talk about it and I'll start to play soon.

Skype: matt.hoppus
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May 7, 2014
Hi there,

I am creating a new nuker CP and I am gathering English speaking people.
If you are interested, please visit my post and also reply to me in-game (mail):
Keep reading my post, and when you see it filling up contact me. For sure two cardinal spots won't be filled so fast, so you could monitor that thread and think about it.

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