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May 4, 2014
Hello. I hope you will have patience to read all this, guys. So here goes. On 04.05.2014 at 09:15 AM Gmt +2 i went afk for 3 minutes. when i alt+tab'd back to l2 i noticed i was disconnected. I logged back in and started a party for labyrinth 59. When i finished making the party i noticed i did not have any adena for teleport (opened inventory, 0 adena). My account was in the same place after i relogged, near aden gk. After that, i noticed my moirai heavy set 900 attribute was missing from my warehouse + tallum heavy set + my fenrir. they left behind 6kk AA, Vigwig Axe in wh which was augmented and blue 12 (don't understand why).

So after thinking how much time and effort it took for me to make those items on my own, i decided not to emoquit and i tried to get at least some of my items back.
At first i posted on forum, there was no answer. Then i asked GM, GM couldn't help, he said he can only ban people which do botting. Then i contacted help of on skype. They directed me to make petition on site. Ok.

On 05.05.2014, a friend of mine noticed that some player was using my wolf:
Print of my char with wolf equipped:

Print of the char who had my wolf after hack. I am not accusing owner of that char. He could've bought it.

I made petition on and after two days of being under investigation and being asked if my account was shared, a million times, i received this answer:

I made ticket on, which is completely in russian. The answer was:

Аккаунт заблокирован за взлом персонажа TampaBay. I will leave this here just in case you want to try Google Translate
which basically means, "account banned for hacking, TampaBay"

When i asked the question: "Will I get any of my items back?" the answer was:

Уважаемый Stefan
Я Вас не понимаю.
Which means, "I don't understand".

After I tried to ask him in russian using Google Translate which failed miserably I think, I tried again in english and after that there was no answer.
Maybe I was wrong for posting this here and I sure hope it won't be deleted. Maybe I will receive answer but my hopes are so low at this moment and I am so angry that I thought I had to do this.
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Nov 8, 2013
really nice story, maybe after that gm will help you...


Nov 6, 2013
we will ask our partners from playdefo . since they handle the case based on a ticket opened by a player on their site .
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