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this is not serious

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Nov 14, 2013
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This is not fkin serious? Where is the 5k ppl online suppose to be? At LoA there is the same 2 partys farming, bloody pt at circle, prey pt kariks, at scorpions stormy party farming and thats it every single day? Ok on theory ppl are low still A grade getting gear etc, but on friday I go to MoS first spots totally empty, then went FoG nobl port spot empty, necro spot empty, the big crossroad of 6 rooms also empty only at entrance 1 destro farming with 3 boxes. Not even mentioning that server is 1 sided and no mass pvp. The "biggest" russian clan Infrared is what 5 or 6 partys? Thats more of a command channel then a clan, same is OOC 4-5 partys, same is Tempest. Even wrath where, this server was suppose to be much better then wrath because is project of a 3 networks, even on wrath there was like aladeen 10pts, winter 10 pts, action 10 pts, tz 7-8 pts, fkings 10 pts.

My question is where are the ppl on Arion or there are just none?


Nov 6, 2013
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5k is lowest online ~ 2 am at night.average online is near 7k
I am glad that many are playing for fun and not to rush and leave after few weeks as "big clans" do :)

So have patience and try enjoy the game :)

Btw 9 may was victory day in russia, even our coders from russia were not online :)
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