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can it be done?


Nov 30, 2013
I was thinking on making smt like an event
a bet game where i collect 10 ppl's bets then use a to choose the winner, the betts would differ depending on how much the votes would be for the next game, all game would be streamed on twitch so everyone could see that there was no scam.
My question is, is it bannable? i think it would be fun to make such event. also i would win 10% of the winning jackpot because time is money.

so if we do 3kk per people and 10 bet , 30kk would be the winning pool the random generator would run from 1 to 10 the winner would take 27kk, example bet is 10kk with 10 betters prize would be 100kk with my cut 90kk.



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