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Seasoned active player, looking for clan


Nov 5, 2014
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Hello guys,

I would like to make this an official request to any clan out there who might be looking for a good member. A little about me: I'm 27, I'm a web developer, and am playing almost daily, for a couple of hours at least, usually from around 21:00 Romania time till around 1-2 AM. Oh, and I'm from Bucharest. I would prefer a Romanian clan if I had to choose, but I'm willing to join an intl. one as well, no trouble with English here, speaking it daily :)

I've been playing Lineage since Interlude was first made public, and I've played with a couple of good friends on a different low rate Romanian server (L2J) for about 1.5 years daily, we were recruited by a clan early in the game and we learned a lot about the game, castle sieges and raids, but the server disbanded at some point, the clan members as well; some of us continued to play on Dex for a while more, then took a break completely (its been about 2 years since then). However, I now want to come back and have some more fun and make some new friends, and Dex is the perfect place to do that.

I had a Paladin as my first character, and I would love to be able to start one again for tanking purposes, but a party is quite essential for growing it properly. A Shillien Oracle as a boxer would not be bad either. My first char at the moment is a lv41 Spell Howler - currently during the 2nd class change quest, so I can play AP as well without trouble.

Well anyway, this is my resume, so to speak, hope somebody has a seat available in their team. Good luck and have fun!

PS: you can message me in game on Flashbomber , or pm me here, looking forward to it!


Sep 8, 2014
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use .menu for class change ...
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