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Amazing Server


Nov 20, 2014
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I will speak only about situation on server Lionna 7x.

First I'd like to say this server is for me realy amazing. I came here with some very old friends, we play maybe 6-7 years. Start was good around 8K + players I think. Now is slightly less but for me is 1-2K player the best. I dont care about some shit* players who started over and over again, after few time leave the server because ... who cares (fuc* them :D) ?

There is so many good players which still play, so I want to say dont care about numbers, statistics, donate ... just enjoy the game.

and this is for Staff or Admin:
Dont make new servers, this is not about quantity but about quality.

Where is events ? One the same every week or twice o month, its not enough and people fuc*ing love events. If you dont have time for this, just tell us people always dream about GM and make event for people.

Where is GM ? Why we cant find any GM in the game ? Its so good for server reputation if you can find GM ingame only for a 10 minutes a day. Say ,, Hi,, to server and listen to people and their problems.

Advertising ? Where is vote system ? How can people find us and join us if we doing nothing for them ? (making new server every 2 months doesnt count)

What about referral system ? When someone bring here some friends who reach Nobless why he cant get some TODs for stupid acessory or offline trade ? I never saw somthing like this in L2 world and am absolutely sure that this will bring here more players (and all time not just a one time, because new bring new and over again and again) and more donate for you guys.

Peace and enjoy the game.


Nov 6, 2013
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seems you have played alot on java servers with vote system :)

last server open by DEX alone was last year .
the servers opened this year were open together with 3 networks lineageru,playdefo,wargameru ; 4 servers for 4 networks = 1 server per network during year 2013 :)

we do not plan to open new interlude server soon . our future plans include a god and a hfive srv


Nov 8, 2013
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