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QQclan recruits!

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Jan 7, 2015
Hi all,

we are an international clan (with italian base), and we're looking for single players/small groups/CP which like to play together and have fun...
We require only the knowledge of english language, in order to communicate with other clan members.
We can provide a private TS3 channel for CPs or small groups, for free, in order to improve communication.

Clan features:

- Lvl 8 (actually)
- CH (Goddard)
- 10+ clan skills
- PvE
- PvP
- War
- Languages: ITA, ENG, RO
- Mentoring
- Academy

In order to get clan, send pm in game to Arya (me), Gigiona, Iloveyou, Amaru, Miks, Leah.

Thanks all for reading, and good game to everyone
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