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Opening of server Skadi x300 - August 2015


Nov 6, 2013
This topic is a preliminary announcement, in the near future we will announce a detailed description of the server and a description of all the exciting events that await you on Skadi x300!

Opening of server Skadi x300 - August 2015 (exact date will be published later)
Interlude chronicles
Official build (EURO PTS)

Yes, I agree, the end of summer, tanned and rested the players come back from holidays and vacations, and once again ready to rush into battle. I note that the last Skadi was about a year and a half ago, so it's a good time...

And here it is, an unique PVP Server with high quality that focuses on players seeking a minimum of grinding and maximum fun.

New server Skadi, combines many good aspects that are already well-established and have proven themselves on our servers. The global difference is the focus on the extremely fast development even for the solo players and the gathering of everyone in several locations.

Skadi is designed for users who are ready to rush into battle. No problems with buffs, gear, but for upgrading your gear and achieve higher statuses, have to sweat. We are talking about overenchanting, augmentation, subclasses and the nobility, and therefore about the status of hero.

Regular events at Skadi for fans of the team competition and players wanting to prove themselves individually in PvP

Besides opening of favorite server, we also announce two permanent event.

By participating in these events, you not only can express yourself and show off your skill to other players, but earn real money too!

Daily event "The Last Hero"
Every day in the evening will be an automatic event "the Last Hero" . The essence of the event is to survive in mass PvP where every player is for himself, the winner is a one who survived in this insane battle.
Daily prize - 300 roubles.

Weekly tournaments:
Exactly one week after the start of the server, will hold the first tournament of the format of 3v3 or 5v5.
Participation is absolutely free and without restrictions, the prize fund will vary from 10 to 20 thousand roubles with several prizes, this will largely depend on the number of registered teams .

Similar tournaments will be held 1 time per week, with the same prize pool and a private rating of teams.

Infusion of Nanna x75 in Skadi x300 and program Bonus Launch!

2-3 weeks after the start of Skadi, will be made two steps for strengthening the online and input of fresh blood on the server:
- Merge of bases Nanna x75 and Skadi x300
- Connected Bonus Start with a new advertising company

A couple of videos from Skadi x300



This week Skadi section will be opened and given more detailed information about game events and the server itself.
Stay tuned!
Sincerely, team


Nov 6, 2013
This is only possible on PTS!
Play Lineage 2 Interlude as it was intended by NCSoft
Win by the power and skill!

Opening of server Skadi x300: 7 August, 19:00 (+3 UTC)
Date of start of open testing: 4th August at 20:00
Chronicles: Interlude
Gaming platform: PTS

Attention! The concept of the game world will evolve before the opening of the server.
Anything not stated in this topic, corresponds to the official data of classical Interlude


  • Exp: x300
  • SP: x300
  • Adena: x100
    Adena drop was increased in Lair of Antharas
  • SealStones: x10
  • Drop: 30
    From the drop was removed everything except: life stone, enchant scroll, equipment.
  • Spoil: x15
    From the spoil were removed: resources, pieces, recipes.
  • RB Exp/SP: 3
  • RB Drop: 15
  • Epic Rb Drop: x3
  • Epic RB Exp/SP: 3
  • Quest: x1
  • Quest Reward: adena, exp, sp x10 (only quests for adena, exp, sp)

  • Player menu is called by typing to chat command .menu
  • At the start, all the characters have everything you need including coupons to obtain equipment up to B grade inclusive. You can exchange coupons at Miss Queen.
  • Each player has in the inventory Buff Book - the book has a full set of buffs including malaria/cholera and cat/horse.
  • Everyone appear in the starting area of the dwarves, regardless of race. This location has everything needed for fast leveling up to 50+ level.
  • Each player has a skill convert_unicode_char_to_charset(hexdec('201C'), $charset)Teleport To Giranconvert_unicode_char_to_charset(hexdec('201D'), $charset).
  • Giran is the main city, there are conveniently located all important NPC.
  • A and S grade equipment you can buy for Adena, Seal Stone, Ancient Adena.
  • Throughout the game world, in the most appropriate places Global GateKeeper Rapunzel was set, from it you can make a teleport to the most important locations of the server.
  • The maximum number of slots in the inventory/warehouse/trade shop from the start.
  • Automatic learning of all skills of the character.
  • Automatic pick up of loot.
  • Weight limit increased in 2 times from baseline.
  • The first profession is free, the second and third you can buy for adena.
  • The clan has a maximum of 60 people.
  • 24 slots for buff
  • The seven seals in a 7-day cycle (4 days - the period of struggle, 3 days - seal period).
  • Sieges are held weekly on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The prices for the purchase and maintenance of Clan Halls are increased.
  • Mana potion restores 800 MP and have re-use time 1 second. Cannot be used at the Olympics.
  • Enchant Scroll and Top Grade Life Stone are added in the drop from all RAID bosses 72+ level
  • Room with NPC to enter the Frintezza instance is a combat zone.
  • Anything not stated in this topic, corresponds to the official data of classical Interlude

Special areas:
Lair of Anthars:
  • Adena drop in this area is greatly increased
  • All mobs drop Seal Stone and with a small chance Enchant Scroll and Top Life Stone
  • The level of monsters raised to level 80, respectively, they became stronger
Primeval Island: (changes apply only to the territory marked in the picture below)
  • To all monsters in this location, added to the drop Enchant Scroll, Top Life Stone and Seal Stone with a good chance
  • The whole area is a combat zone

Getting Subclass and status of a Nobleman

Get subclass:
  • To get subclass you must have: Cabrio Infernium Scepter and 150.000.000 adena; 75+ level.
  • The scepter is extracted by killing a RAID boss Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (not necessary to beat) and searching the chest (required). Only characters 75+ level can find the scepter in the chest.
  • The scepter cannot be passed/saled, only deleted.
Once you get Cabrio Infernium Scepters and 150.000.000 adena, talk to NPC Hel and in one touch you will get a subclass

The Status Of A Nobleman:
  • To get it you must have Nobless pass and 500.000.000 adena.
  • Noblesse pass can be obtained by killing a RAID boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel or its protection! The group, whose shot killed the RAID or the guard gets Nobless pass.
  • Nobless Pass is given only to those participants of "finishing" groups which have subclasses and have 75+ level of (subclass). (convert_unicode_char_to_charset(hexdec('00A9'), $charset) NCSoft)
  • Characters with the status of a nobleman cannot re-get Nobless pass.
  • Nobless pass cannot be passed/saled.
Once you get Nobless pass and 500.000.000 adena, talk to NPC Hel and in one touch you will get a Status Of A Nobleman.

Great Olympics:
  • Great Olympics from the start of server
  • The change of the periods of the Olympic games 2 times a month
    [*]Class fights every Saturday and Sunday (only in those days of the week)
    [*]Realized protection from multi-boxing during the Olympics, 1 character from 1 computer at a time. (You cannot register to the Olympics at the same time two or more characters)

Class struggle only on Saturday and Sunday
For the start of the Olympic games it is required a amount of Noblemen:
Non-class fights=2
Class fights=5

Attention! The concept of the game world will evolve before the opening of the server.
Anything not stated in this topic, corresponds to the official data of classical Interlude
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Nov 6, 2013
Epic RAID Bosses:
Near all epic RB PvP / AOE zone was set
All RB raised to LVL 80
LS and Enchant scrolls are added to drop from Orfen and Core
Resp RB is fixed on the evening time (GMT +3)
At the start all Epic RB are dead
Core - 20:00 +2(24 hours)
Orfen - 22:00 +2(24 hours)
Ant Queen - 21:00 +2(24 hours)
Frintezza - 22:00 +2(48 hours)
Zaken - 21:00 +2(48 hours)
Baium 21:00 +2(120 hours)
Antharas 21:00 +3(192 hours)
Valakas 23:00 (264 hours)
Cabrio - 5 hours
Barakiel - from 4 to 5 hours
Dark Barakiel (Elven Ruins) - from 4 to 5 hours



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