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Server description Interlude x7 - 5 April


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Oct 26, 2015
Grand Opening: April 5
Start of the Beta Test: March 22 at 19:00 (CET)

Dear friends!
We have decided to create something special for you, the new project we are preparing is Interlude Final x7 and we are doing it with our well known partner which is the one we have Gracia Final server.

Interlude is considered to be one of the most popular and successful chronicle of Lineage 2. But as we know, the game client is not perfect and, to put it mildly, outdated, because it was developed back in 2007.
Some of the mechanics and balance of the game need much more attention. The new Interlude project is created by transferring it to a modern game client and thoroughly work on the balance and game-play, collecting the best and incorporating it all into a new project Interlude Final

All info about Interlude Final we will post later in this section of forum.

Here we have selected some useful information from the developers:

The old client was developed for relevant at a time processors (and hardware in general), which had fewer cores. As many of you know, today's processors increase the number of cores (streams), but often reduce their clock speed compared to older processors that were relevant at the time of release of most versions of the clients/games.
So, roughly speaking, Core 2 Duo @ 3.16 GHz (2 cores) of 2006 will be better than Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.8GHz (6 cores) of 2017 for older game clients.

This is not the only reason for the low performance of old clients on modern computers, because a whole set of factors is responsible for this: motherboard, processor, RAM, disk (write/read speed).
Since the Grand Crusade client (alias a Classic 2.0 client) was developed with an eye to more modern technologies using the successful and unsuccessful experience of previous clients, it’s natural that its functionality and performance is much higher. And we all congratulate us on this :)

We have made a new client for Interlude Final servers based on Grand Crusade \ Classic 2.0.
This client is not only a more spectacular picture, but also more technical capabilities for us (developers):
  • Visual improvements - lobby, character creation, interface, menu, skills)
  • In-game functionality - character statistics, interaction with the browser inside the game, notification systems, built-in manuals and guides for specifically your profession or server as a whole.
  • Optimized performance:
    • Tired of lags in ToI? Haven't seen Baium with с 120 60 fps animation?
    • Does the CPU load by 50% or more infuriate you when starting 1 box?
We also use modern technology for processing client-server data packets, which allows us to reduce the response time from the server. We successfully tested it on our autumn server and there was impressive result.
Satisfied players from China can confirm it :)

Personal data base:
We want to please all the players with a new interactive system of hints and notifications.
Most likely, the BBS (Community board) will be taken as a basis, with the author's interface for performing the following tasks:
  1. General information about the server features and add-ons.
    • Where to level up faster?
    • What new "buttons" are available to your profession?
    • Status of changed locations
    • How updated sets interact with your character
  2. When you reach a certain level or participate in an event, you will receive a notification (short text, GIF-animation, video) about what is recommended to do further for a faster / interesting development;
We want to emphasize that for this launch we aim to achieve 2 goals:
  • Create a system of notifications - the architecture of the knowledge base;
  • Fill it with content that will eliminate the gap of knowledge between Interlude - Interlude Final.
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Oct 26, 2015
Grand Opening: 05 April 2019, 20:00 (gtm +2)
OBT: 22 March 2019, 20:00 (gmt +2)

Interlude Final x7 can be described in three main points:
  1. The total number of changes and improvements that have been developed and integrated into the game over the past year. Their goal is to make your game more comfortable, interesting, varied and return the long lost balance of good old chronicles. In order to get acquainted with the main changes, we recommend you to learn this topic: Interlude Final Update Chronology (topic coming soon). But they will all be intuitive during the game.
  2. The so-called signature of the project, its unique features that personalize and set E-Global apart from others, regardless of which version of the game and on which rating we launch. Namely: Achievements, Daily Quests, Clan Unity, Cronus Raid Boss, NPC Adventurers' Guide and Butler, a proxy server access system that allows players from China to play on the server, and even the general “breach of good manners" - everything goes from server to server, improving and adapting to the realities of the concept and your expectations.
  3. The concept of a specific server: its rates and features; its uniqueness and originality.
In this topic, we announce the server concept and describe the components of Interlude Final which you should pay attention to, in order to fully touch this game world.

EXP & SP x7 Adena x5, Seal Stones x3 Drop x4, Spoil x3, Manor x1 Quests x2 Penalties

  • Basic rates: EXP & SP x7, Raid EXP & SP x5
    • Exp & SP depends on monster level, which you farm:
      • From 1 to 65 level of monster - static x7 rate;
      • Starting from 66 to 78 level of monster - from x7 to x5 gradually;
      • Monsters from level 78 have fixed rate x4
    • Premium Account provides +30% personal EXP bonus and 50% SP bonus.

  • Basic rate: Adena x5
    Basic rate: Seal Stones x3
    • Chance Adena and Seal Stones - basic, 70%;
    • Amount of Seal Stones - х3, fixed, doesn't depend on monster level;
    • Amount of Adena depends on monster level:
      • From 1 to 60 level - fixed rate х5;
      • From 61 to 77 level - from х5 to х3 gradually;
      • Starting from 78 level of monster - fixed rate x3.
    • Premium Account provide +25% to amount of Adena and Seal Stones.

  • Basic rates: Drop x4, Raid Drop x3, Epic Drop x1
    • Amount of item drop is basic, x1;
    • Chance of items drop is depending on level of the monster, overrun the 100% will cause to increasing of items amount;
      • From 1 to 60 level - fixed rate х5;
      • From 61 to 77 level - from х5 to х3 gradually;
      • Starting from 78 level of the monster - fixed rate х3.
    • Premium Account provide +25% to drop rate.

    Basic rates: Spoil x3
    • Amount of received items is basic, x1;
    • Chance of items receiving x3, overrun the 100% will cause to increasing of items amount;
    • Premium Account provide +25% to the chance of receiving items (to character, who have spoiled => gather spoile).

    Basic rates: Manor - x1
    • Cooldown of the daily Manor cycle: ~20:06 (gmt+2)
    • We remind you that the Manor system dependents directly on the Siege, respectively, the first seeds will be available on Monday, April 22 (if the owners of the castles put the seeds for sale).

  • Basic rates for Quests: Adena/Exp/Sp/Item - x2/3/3/1

    List of quests with changed reward or amount of droped quest items:

    Character development
    • Supply check - All classes will receive changed reward, namely: Family Sets;
    • 3rd class transfer: 5.000.000 Adena, 2 Giant's Codex, 1 Giant's Codex - Mastery;
    • In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х3 q-ty;
    • The Finest Ingredients, Part 1 - х3 q-ty;
    • Supplier of Reagents - х3 q-ty pouchs, х2 chance of reagents
    • Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х2 q-ty;
    • Alliance with Varka Silenos - х2 q-ty.
    Daily quests
    • Unique tasks that can be done every day.
    • Can be taken from the NPC Adventurers' Guide in towns, next to the Gatekeeper.
    • Cooldown: 6:30 AM (gmt +2)
    The list of available tasks from the start:
    • Successful raid
    • Fighting Evil
    • Challenge the Rim Kamaloka
    • Challenge the Hall of the Abyss
    • Challenge the Labyrinth of Abyss
    Resources and Enchantment scrolls
    • Zero hour (resources) - х2 q-ty;
    • The Finest Food (resources) - х2 q-ty;
    • An Ice Merchant's Dream (resources) - х2 q-ty;
    • Heart in Search of Power (resources) - х2 q-ty;
    • Necromancer's Request (resources) - х2 q-ty;
    • In the Forgotten Village (resources) - х2 q-ty;
    • Guardians of the Holy Grail (Adena and Enchantment scrolls) - х3 q-ty;
    • Seekers of the Holy Grail (Adena and Enchantment scrolls) - х3 q-ty;
    • A Game of Cards (Adena and Enchantment scrolls) - items drop х1, reward х1;
    • Seductive Whispers (Adena and Enchantment scrolls) - items drop х1, reward х1.
    Rec А and S gr equipment
    • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 (rec A gr. armor) - х3 q-ty, х2 chance;
    • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 (rec A gr. armor) - х3 q-ty, х2 chance;
    • Legacy of Insolence (rec A gr. armor) - х3 q-ty, х2 chance;
    • Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 (rec A gr. armor) - х3 q-ty;
    • Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 (rec A gr. armor) - х3 q-ty;
    • War with Ketra Orcs (rec S gr. armor) - х2 q-ty;
    • War with Varka Silenos (rec S gr. armor) - х2 q-ty;
    • Gather the Flames (rec S gr. weapon) - x1 q-ty;
    • Relics of the Old Empire (rec S gr. weapon)- x1 q-ty;

    • Quest items do not use inventory slots :)

  • We remind you that there are basic penalties on Interlude Final when hunting for mobs much higher than your level.
    This system suggests that if previously it was not profitable to exp only on monsters significantly lower than your level, then now it is not profitable to hunt monsters much higher than you in level.
    • Useful advice:
    Map functions (Alt+M) allow to choose farm zones for specific levels.
    Open a map, click on button (top right corner) - World Info - and choose Hunting Zone tab:

General info Game events schedule Epic and Raid Bosses Grand Olympiad Achievements

      • Server time - GMT +2
      • New modern game client - Grand Crusade aka Classic 2.0
      • Autoloot - available upon availability of relevant Agathions.
      • Auto-learning of skills available up to level 40.
      • Spellbooks are not required to learn most skills.
      • Blocking of incoming experience available from the server opening. Command: .expoff / .expon
      • Offline trade is available from the server opening. 48h by using special Offline Trade Scroll, (at Family Store Butler for 50.000 adena). You can run off-line trade in special locations in side of the towns by purchasing scroll, start your private store and log out from the game. Character will stay on offline trade untill the end of scroll time-limit or until server restart.
      • Amount of client boxes from 1 PC is dynamics. On the start - 3 boxes. For players that uses PA can load +4 box, but not more then 7 (+1 for each PA box). Off-line traders doesn't count as a box.
      • Clan Hall - starting bet and rent rate has been increased in 3 times, available only for clans that reached level 5.
      • Characters will increase PvP counter for kills at Siege zone.
      • Free teleports up to level 40.
      • 1st and 2nd profession can be purchased for 150.000 and 2.000.000 adena (from NPC Family Store Butler at Classes section).
      • The third profession, Subclass and Nobless - can only be obtained by completing complete quests.
        • We remind you that there is an alternative way in the sub class quest instead of hitting Baium - you need to paint 30 fabrics (selecting the desired item in the quest dialogue in Hardins Academy).
      • From the start of the server, the canonical "Interlude" system for selling equipment from the NPC is valid: D gr. for adena, C gr. in Luxor for crystals. The assortment will be updated to the current versions from the patches IF 1.1 and IF 1.4 (fully all D and C gr. for adena, B gr. in Luxor for crystals) as the server develops. The nearest update of the assortment will be available no earlier than the appearance of the first mammons, on April 15.
      • Weapon enchantment to +4 and higher gives an additional bonus to damage from shots:
      • New daily Instance Zones and their associated Daily Tasks have been introduced:
        • Rim Kamaloka - instance zone for one player (from 20 to 80 levels);
        • Hall of the Abyss - instance zone for a group of 2-6 players (from 18 to 78 levels);
        • Labyrinth of Abyss - time zone for a group of 7-9 players (from 24 to 80 levels).
    • It is important to know (from the last updates):
      • Many professions received new skills, and some of the already available Interlude skills and mechanics were modified and improved. We retained the logic of classes, but improved their balance. For example, representatives of 19 different professions went beyond 100+ PTS on the open Olympiad at the last Interlude Final opening, while in the basic Interlude there are 3-5 classes. At Interlude Final each profession has opportunity and we are not going to stop at the achieved result :)
      • Big variety in enchanting skills, including passive and 3rd proffession skills:
        • Chance of skills enchanting skills at 79 and 80 levels was increased;
        • Skills enchantment is now available directly from the skills panel (Alt+K);
        • Giant's Codex has been added - Mastery which can be obtained during the passing of the 3rd profession or by purchasing for NGP from Grand Olympiad Manager
      • Pets can be evolved! When level 55 is reached, Wolf becomes an excellent helper in any fight, and Kookaburra becomes an indispensable companion for any mystic.
      • When enchanting A and S gr. sets from +4 and above - new OE bonuses become available.
      • When crafting weapons and armor B / A / S gr. - there is a small chance to create a Rare item. Rare elements of armor give small bonuses depending on the set bonuses. Weapons - gives a bonus, depending on the type of weapon.
      • S gr. sets can be modified to Class Sets. They give their unique bonuses, depending on the profession of the owner.
      • Fort sieged are available for clans starting at 4th level. There are currently 9 forts available, one for each territory.
      • Actual Instance Zones - Pailakas! It's a great way to develop a character resting on the exping :)
      • The phased discovery of group hunting areas for high-level characters: Forge of the Gods and Primeval Isle. These two locations are only partially opened at the start of the server, and monsters will populate the spots as the conditions are met.
      • Client features - the last 10 years of official updates to the game client:
        • Flexible interface customization:
          • Font size, chat settings;
          • Display on your screen up to 20 types of interaction with the outside world: damage, healing, debuffs, etc.;
          • The ability to display HP bar players, pets and monsters on the screen (under the nickname).
        • Advanced setting of game graphics: from feeling like in Skyrim and up to 100+ FPS on Baium;
        • Up to 5 shortcuts with full personalization of bind - play those buttons that are convenient for you;
        • Separation Inventory and Warehouse by sections;
        • Convenient customizable radar (minimap);
        • Alt + Click shortcut will remove unwanted buffs. Over + bers? problem solved!
        • Shift+Click - shows the item description in the chat;
        • Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V - copying texts to and from the game;
        • Alt+Click (hold) on your group member allows you to move it to any convenient position in the group list;
        • Fully working group search (Party Matching) and the Command Channel;
        • In-game mail, cyclic macros and more.

  • Seven Seals

    • Period - 14 days;
    • Event Period - April 8;
    • Seal Period (mamons) - April 15;
    • Catacombs and Necropolis are available from the server start withour any registration, however until the start of Event period - there wouldn't be mobs that drops Seal Stones.
    Clan Halls

    • First Clan Halls sieges - April 19;
    • Clan Halls auction - April 12.
    Castle Sieges

    • Fortresses are available to capture from the server start;
    • First Castle Sieges - April 21 at 16:00 and 20:00 (gmt +2);
    • Castle Sieges period - 14 days, at Sunday.
    Other game events
    • Olympiad start - May 6;
    • Cursed weapon (Zariche and Akamanah) - April 12, 7 days after the Grand Opening;
    • Item Broker (Auction) - 05 November, after 10 days from the Grand Opening.

  • All Ordinary Raid Bosses, including Subclass and Noblesse, are alive from the server opening

    • Flame of Splendor Barakiel level has been increased to 75;
    • Amount of Barakiel's HP was increased by 2 times;
    • Barakiel is tied to its spawn point, and if you try to take him away, he will return to the place of his appearance.
    All Epic Raid Bosses are dead from the server opening
    First respawn is calculated from the moment of start, for example, the first AQ will appear in the interval from 23 to 25 hours from the moment of the server start.

    • Now at Frintezza, Antharas, Valakas, Baium farm zone you can re-log for 10 minutes without automatically teleporting to the nearest village\town.
    • Valakas Nest players limit has been removed.
    • Valakas’s appearance time after entering to him is 20 minutes. The time of Antharas appearance is 30 minutes.
    • At the Devil's Isle "tongue" Zaken's Teleporter has been added, which will teleport you under the bridge (near the ship).
    • The rules of entry to Frintezza have been changed: the entry of CC is not immediate, but within 30-60 seconds from the moment you press to enter. If during this time the CC leader (the character who gets group inside) dies or moves away from the NPC at a distance of> 1000, entering will be canceled.
    • Core and Orfen drop rate has been increased to 60%.
    • Now Ring of Core and Earring of Orfen can be improved (in Giran, Luxury Shop):
      • Enchanted Ring of Core = Ring of Core x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200
        • +1 STR, +1 INT; Chance of Phys. Crit. Attack +15; Resistance to poisoning +30%, Chance of poisoning +15%; Accuracy +1
      • Refined Ring of Core = Enchanted Ring of Core x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100
        • +2 STR, +2 INT; Chance of Phys. Crit. Attack +30; Resistance to poisoning +30%, Chance of poisoning +15%; Accuracy +1
      • Enchanted Earring of Orfe
        = Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: A-Grade x1400, Gemstone A x200
        • CON+1, MEN+1; Resistance to bleeding +30%, Chance of bleeding +15%; HP Recovery Skill Bonus +6%
      • Refined Earring of Orfen
        = Enchanted Earring of Orfen x2, Crystal: S-Grade x900, Gemstone S x100
        • CON+2, MEN+2; Resistance to bleeding +30%, Chance of bleeding +15%; HP Recovery Skill Bonus +6%

  • Olympiad Games on Interlude Final chronicles are divided on 2 cycles:
    • 1st Olympiad stage - Week of contest\battles (no hero during this period);
    • 2nd Olympiad stage - Week of Hero (no contest\battles during this period);
    • When 3rd (aka 1st) stage - all heroes will be removed;
    • Week of Hero will fit the Seven Seals - Seal (mamons) and Castle Siege period (week);
    • First period stage - May 6 (06.04. - 13.04.);
    • First Heroes - May 13, 00:00 (13.04. - 19.04.)
    • Start of the fights\battles - 19:00 - 23:00 (22:45 - end of registration) - 4 hours a day;
    • Time before you will be moved to the Olympiad Stadium - 60 sec;
    • Fights without class specifics - 9 characters for starting the "wave";
    • Class specific fights - 5 characters for starting the "wave";
    • Class based specific fights will be availabe only on Fridays;
    • Battles 3 x 3 - 5 groups to start the "wave";
    • Battles 3 x 3 will be available only on Saturday.
    • Before the battle start, each character can choose 5 buffs from the list:

    • Blessed Spiritshots of all ranks, including those for summons, work at the Olympiad.
    Rewards for participation in the Olympiad:

    For participation in the Olympiad, the character receives achievements which are updated daily:
    • Participation in the battles
    • Victory in battle
    • A series of victories in the battles

    Each closed achievement gives one or several random rewards in the form of NGP, Codes, Olympiad Jewelery.

    • When receiving a Hero, the character also receives a distinctive item -
      Hero's Cloak. This is a temporary personal item that has only 1 built-in bonus: +744 CP, while other cloaks can be unsealed to CP, HP or MP at the request of the player.
    Olympiad Manager Shop:

    • Price for EWB, EWA, EWS has been decreased in 5 times;
    • Price for EAB, EAA, EAS has been decreased in 5 times;
    • Price for BEWB, BEWA, BEWS has been decreased in 5 times;
    • Price for BEAB, BEAA, BEAS has been decreased in 3 times;
    • Giant Codex - Mastery has been added for 13.750
      Noblesse Gate Passes
    • Olympiad Warrior's Necklace has been added for 10.760
      Noblesse Gate Passes
      • Personal 7-day item
      • Protection from Blinding, Paralysis, Shock + 10%
      • Successfull rate of Blinding, Palalic, Shock + 5%
      • Reduces the cooldown of skills and returns back part of phys. damage (similar to frintezza)
    • Olympiad Warrior's Earring has been added for 8.070
      Noblesse Gate Passes
      • Personal 7-day item
      • Protection from Shock and Mental Attacks + 15%
      • Shock and Mental Attack Chance + 5%
      • Partial Vampic Effect (similar to Zaken)

    • There will be 5 types of achievements from the start: : Levels, Subclasses, PVP+PK, Online, Olympiad.
    • Rewards for every achievement has been designed to help to build your character. The list of the rewards will not be published on forum or any.
    • Why the list of the rewards will not be published?
      • Achievements - is a new gameplay that will entertain players, ring a changes into the default development of the character and that's why we want every player unlock it and find the reward by themselve. All further updates of the achievements rewards will not publish as well.
        There are also some hidden achievements that are not displayed in the achievements, however the will appear once you will unlock it by complete necessary conditions (blindly).
    • Types of achievements:
      • One-time. For example: reach some level;
      • Repeatable: For example: be logged in for 1hour.
    • Rewards for the unlocking achievement:
      • Constant. Most often in one-time achievements;
      • Random. Most often in repeated achievements;
      • Guaranteed. A unique color title.
    • To use such system - type .achiv in the ingame chat or press on "start" tha your CP/HP/MP bar.
      • Reward to one-time achievement can be received immediately after conditions have been met or later;
      • Reward for repeatable daily achievements are reset daily at 6:30 server time;
      • PK count have a static counter for achievements and statistic. So even if you reset your PK counter - achievement system (as well as portal statistic) will know the true amount of PK count.

Equipment SA 10-13 Macroses and Pots Instance zones Clans Mail

  • What does it mean and how to obtain rare item?
    • When crafting items of ranks B, A, S - there is a small chance of creating a rare item (~5%).
    • Rare items give small but pleasant bonuses, relative to the usual ones.
    • Both weapons and armor can be rare. The exception - upper body / fullbody - can not be rare.
    • Rare parts of the set can replace the usual, while the set bonus remains. For example, wearing a rare DC helmet with a robe and ordinary boots and gloves - the set bonus will remain, but besides this there will also be a small bonus from the helmet itself.

    We've re-worked system of equipment enchantment of full A and S-Grade sets:

    Complete set of equipment - "Set":
    • These are unsealed, ordinary or Rare items.
    For example,
    for Dark Crystal Robe Set:
    • Dark Crystal Robe
    • Dark Crystal Helmet
    • Dark Crystal Gloves (Robe)
    • Dark Crystal Boots (Robe)
    Even if Helmet, Gloves and Boots are rare - you will still receive Set Bonus.

    If you have items with different level of enchant - bonus will work on the lowest level of enchantment item.
    • Dark Crystal Robe +8
    • Dark Crystal Helmet +4
    • Rare Dark Crystal Gloves (Robe) +5
    • Dark Crystal Boots (Robe) +6
    Bonus will be from +4 level, because the lowest part of the set - Helmet +4. If it will be enchanted for +5 - it will fit the Robe and the general bonus will be +5 level.
    • Armor: Helmet, Boots, Gloves, Upped, Lower, Fullbody, Shield;
    • Regular and Rare bonuses will give same bonus;
    • Sealed and unsealed items give a same bonus;
    • HP bonus is fixed, and is not effected by buffs, active and passive skills, CON and other HP parametrs;
    • Jewelry and Weapon will not give any additional HP bonus;
    • When OE Armor is equiped - the maximum amount of HP increases, but is not replenished.
      • Example: If a character has 3000/3000 Health, and he equipes Draconic Leather Body +8, then his maximum Health will increase by 388, and his HP after the armor is equiped: 3000/3388
    Additional HP, depending on grade:

    There is a chain of quests in the modified location Sillent Valley that will allow you to increase the level of trust with the Giants race. In return, they will offer you to exchange evidence of participation in the war with their fallen brothers for their valuable knowledge.
    You can get a special breastplate as a result of the quest items exchange that can be obtained from the monsters living in the location, which can be added to your armor making it "classified".

    • Receive bonuses for a certain class:
      • Draconic Leather Armor can be improved for classes (which have the passive ability of Light Armor Mastery) to get bonuses specially designed for each class group.
      • For example
        • Draconic Leather Armor [Archer Mastery]
        • Note: After it receives the status of Archer Mastery, no other class will be able to wear this part of the set except the class of archers.
    Set Bonuses:
    • Heavy
    • Light
    • Robe

    • Common rules for all following points:
      1. Chance is personal for every member of a group
      2. All you need is to have a quest "Enchange Your Weapon" and Soul Crystal of certain level in your inventory
    • So, now you can enchant SA on regular Raid Boss (except Epic Bosses and Tyrannosaurus), such as:
    • Folloing Bosses will now have 15% chance to enchant SA from 10 to 12:
      • Tanatos
      • Kandra
      • Roaring Skylancer
      • Beast Lord Behemoth
      • Meanas Anor
      • Antharas Priest Cloe
      • Eilhalder von Hellmann
    • Following Raid Bosses are now will enchant SA on 12 and 13 level (10% rate):
      • Gordon
      • Varka's Chief Horus
      • Ketra's Chief Brakki
      • Queen Shyeed
      • Death Lord Ipos
      • Death Lord Shax
      • Storm Winged Naga
      • Ocean Flame Ashakiel
      • Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
      • Cherub Galaxia
    • From 12 to 13 level, wich 20% chance rate for each member of a group:
      • Anakazel (Hero Rift)

  • Pots autouse
    • For your comfort we have add autouse of CP and HP pots (as well as elixirs HP, CP and MP);
    • All you need is to put them on your shortcut and right-click on it (same as shots);
    • Pots are going to use until you will recover enough. For example if you set CP Potions - it will recover untill you will have 80% of CP. Cooldown - regular.
    • This is a rather “smart” structure of automation, for example, during Hide (daggers' skill, giving them temporary invisibility, terminating after applying any skill or pot) - the use of pot stops before you Hide off.
    Cyclic macros
    • Cyclic macros differs from regular in that it can be toggled to persistent work (repeat constantly). If during cyclic macros work you will make any action (like moving, chating, using items etc) - the work of the macros will be stopped. Only exception: you can not add macros in macros (by shortcut etc).

  • In order to diversify your pastime, as well as to actualize and simplify the life of solo players who are united in temporary groups (few people remember, but Lineage2 is MMORPG, which is much more interesting and effective to play with other alive people than with your boxes), 4 new instance zones and related tasks were added:
    • Rim Kamaloka- instance zone for one player (from 20 to 80 levels);
    • Hall of the Abyss - instance zone for group of 2-6 players (from 18 to 78 levels);
    • Labyrinth of Abyss - instance zone for group of 7-9 players (from 24 to 80 levels);
    • Zaken - instance zones for 7-9 players of 60 levels, and for 7-9 players of 75+ levels.
      • At the same time, the classic Interlude Epik Boss Zaken and the specifics of his farm remained the same.
    For those who played Lineage 2 on later game versions, and for which the logic and specificity of these zones are clear, we want to clarify the changes that were made in the Interlude Final chronicles in comparison with their classic versions:
    • The drop in many Laba's and Kamaloka's has been reworked:
      • For example, in 78 and 81 Laba's - instead of the usual DB and fists you can get the Best A-grade weapon, also known as a weapon from Primeval Isle (yes, it exists!).
    • The reward for the Zaken Instance Zone was reworked:
      • By completing simple quests, you can get Zaken's Cloak - an item that customizes your character, which can be unsealed to certain characteristics, and "Broken Zaken Earring" + ingredients for its improvements.
      • You can find more about this Instance Zone, its features and rewards in a separate topic.
    The combination skills changing, adding daily quests and instance zones work on the social component of the game, first of all.
    For those who first faced with a this, here is more detailed description:
    • In Gludio (20-30), Dion (30-40), Innadril (40-50), Oren (50-60), Stuttgart (60-70) and Rune (70-80)
    There are two new NPC: Pathfinder Worker and Capitan.
    Indication of NPC's on the map
    • Gludio, Captain Bathis - Kamaloka 23 (players 20-28 lvl.) and 26 levels (players 21-31 lvl.). Labyrinth 29 level (players 24-34 levels).
    • Dion, Captain Lucas - Kamaloka 33 (players 28-38 lvl) and 36 levels (players 31-41 lvl). Labyrinth 39 levels (players 24-34 levels).
    • Heine, Captain Gosta - Kamaloka 43 (players 38-48 lvl) and 46 levels (players 41-51 lvl). Labyrinth 39 levels (players 24-34 levels).
    • Oren, Captain Mouen - Kamaloka 53 (players 48-58 lvl) and 56 levels (players 51-61 lvl). Labyrinth 39 levels (players 24-34 levels).
    • Schuttgart, Captain Vishotsky - Kamaloka 63 (players 58-68 lvl) and 66 levels (players 61-71 lvl). Labyrinth 39 levels (players 24-34 levels).
    • Rune, Captain Mathias - Kamaloka 73 level (players 68-78 lvl). Labyrinth 78 (players 73-80 lvl) and 81 levels (players 76-80 levels).
    Pathfinder Worker will give you an opportunity (in case if you have a premium account) to enter to a 20 mins instance zone: Rim Kamaloka, where you will face a specail monsters. Type, race and farm method depends on the instance zone and characters level:
    • All characters buffs, except Adventurers' Guides buffs will be removed after you've entered this instance.
      • You can use any potions, self buffs etc insde of the instance;
      • You can use any Summons or Pets inside;
      • There is high chance of Herbs drop inside of this zone, such as buffs, HP and MP recovery.
    • You will receive a good exping by killing mobs inside of the instance comparing to the regular mobs;
    • Such mobs will not drop any items or adena, however there are extremely high rate of enchantment scrolls drop (grade will depends on the level of Rim Kamaloka);
    • Duration of the zone - 20 mins, cooldown every day at 6:30 server time;
      • At Family Store Butler and by taking part at some events you can receive a special item, which can remove the delay, but it can be used only once a day.
    • In case if your character will die during the instance - don't worry, you can always re-enter, however time to farm the zone will keep going even if you out of it. Don't waste your time!
    • When 20 mins will gone - monsters will disappeared and NPC Pathfider Worker will show up and you will get your reward, depending on what rank did you get. The more monster you've killed - the higher rank you will get - the better reward you will receive.
      • There are 3 times of monster inside that appears when you hit the mob by 2/3 of his HP or you have made a one hit kill. Overhit will increase a chance of appearing. But basicaly there is a simple logic: the faster you will kill them - the higher rank you will get.
      • Reward: Elixirs of Mana and Health, HP potion, Enchantment Scrolls etc.
      • Also don't forget about Daily Quests related to this instance zone. The reward will be unique Rune of Exp +30% from 20 mins to 1h. Duration depends on your rank as well.
    • Accept the Daily Quest from Adventurers' Guide;
    • Go to the Pathfinder Worker and enter the Instance Zone;
    • Spend next 20 by killing mobs;
    • Try to kill mobs as fast as you can and also try not to die. Don't be afraid of spending mana, there are a lot of Herbs;
    • Receive your reward - PROFIT!

    Capitan will give you an opportunity to enter a Hall of Abyss
    • Kamaloka "Hall of the Abyss" has been designed aspecialy for small groups. Its a special room with a mini Raid Boss in the center.
    • Only Party Leader can teleport party inside on the Instance Zone, also he can decide what level of zone you will face.
      • In case if any party member has left from the zone (made a relog or move to the town after the death) - he can always teleport back by pressing the same dialogue item as Party Leader at the start.
      • If the level of at least 1 character is behind of the limits of choosed Kamaloka - no one from the party will enter inside.
      • All characters buffs, except Adventurers' Guides buffs will be removed after you've entered this instance, so you need to think carefully during the party setup preparations.
    • You will have 20 minutes to kill the Boss; you will receive a special message on the screen when there will be 5 mins left.
      • Every Boss is different. Some of the will summon a guards, some of them will use magic or debuffs. You should build your farm strategy depending on every Boss. However there is some simple logic - this zone has been designed for you, so just keep it up and you will succeed ;)
      • When the Boss will be killed - he will drop a some useful stuff, such as key-parts, weapons, armors and other items. Also every member of the group will receive a lot of EXP, that you can comparing to regular RB.
    • You can enter the Hall of the Abyss only one time a day, cooldown every day at 6:30 server time;
      • In case if you didn't make it intime - don't worry. You can start once over again.
      • At Family Store Butler and by taking part at some events you can receive a special item, which can remove the delay, but it can be used only once a day.
    • At the Labyrinth of the Abyss you can find 4 rooms full of monsters. Even tho, there is a common way to complete them all:
    First room (will affect on the P. Def of final Boss)
    • There are 9 mobs in the first room. But there is only one key-monster, all other will spawn back after you will kill them until you have killed the right one. Its not that easy just to go through this room, because mobs are respawning very fast and they also have pretty big damage. We can suggest to pull mob after mob from the room to your teleportation position and kill them when they far enough from the rest of the mosters group.
    • The most effective way to find the key monster is to use dagger skill Lure (52 level) or by skill Betray (level 56) of any summoner. Dagger can lure\bait monster to come alone, summoner - can use Betray on monster and make him to hit the key-monster. If you will use Betray on key-monster - nothing will happen. When you will kill the main monster of the first room - the P.Def of the Main Raid Boss of the Instance zone will be decreased by 1/3. Also you don't need to kill all other monsters - you can just move along the walls to move to the next room.
    Second room (will affect on the M. Def of final Boss)
    • In this room - all monsters are real. After you will kill all of them the M.Def of the main Raid Boss of the Instance zone will be decreased by 1/3.
    • Melee or Archers usualy skip this room by moving along the walls.
    Third room (will affect on the damage of final Boss)
    • At the last room there is only 1 strong mob, who affect of the main Raid Boss damage (by 1/3).
    • This mini-boss deal a tons of damage, usualy even more then main Boss at the 4th room. We recommend to use Ultimate Deffens at the start ta make a good aggression points on tank or SWS\BD.
    Fourth room - The Captain of the Labyrinth
    • At the fourth room you will find the main Boss and 4 guards: 2 fighters and 2 healers.
    • Basic strategy:
      • Tank use Aggression on the Boss and run along the circle walls;
      • During this time all other members of the group trying to kill the guards, starting with healers (its important). Then focus the main Boss;
      • When guards will respawn - just re-do the previous paragraph;
      • The Boss doesn't have big damage, however he will reflect some of your damage back to you. We want to mention this to all orcs - be carefull! Lok'tar ogar!
    • When the Boss will be killed - he will drop a some useful items as well as provide with big amount of EXP and SP.

  • Clans - is the social basis of the Lineage 2 game!

    We want players to have more motivation to play collectively, and accordingly improve Clan Management inside the game:
    • Clans can be developed up to level 9 (an increase in the number of places in a clan, an increase in the ranks of clan members).
    • When clans are in an alliance, the logic of the work of buffs and debuffs for alliance members is the same as if they were in the same clan.
    • Siege Forts are available in the game, it allows you to capture a kind of tactical fortress posts that have an average between CH and Castle value.
    • All Clan Leaders have an editable clan announcement window. Command: .pledgeannounce.
    • The interface of the clan menu has been improved, this allows doing routine actions like installing and changing the clan's badge much more convenient.
    • There is no penalty for the dismission of members from the clan Academy.
    • As the server develop, the Basements will be activated - the instance zones available to the clans that control Forts and Castles.
    • Clan cloaks are available to members of the clans who own Castles, they visually customize characters and give nice bonuses.
    In addition to the common privileges of playing in a clan, we also added another very useful advantage for the characters that are members of the clan.
    The new Clan Unity buff is being automatically applied every 5 minutes to characters who are members of a clan:
    Buffing conditions and levels:
    • If a clan online is 18-26 characters - Clan Unity is 1 lvl
    • If a clan online is 27-35 characters - Clan Unity is 2 lvl
    • If a clan online is 36+ characters - Clan Unity is 3 lvl
    Clan Unity bonuses:
    • Clan Unity 1 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +3%. Life/Mana Regeneration +7%. PvE Attack/Defence +3%
    • Clan Unity 2 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +5%. Life/Mana Regeneration +10%. PvE Attack/Defence +5%
    • Clan Unity 3 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +7%. Life/Mana Regeneration +15%. PvE Attack/Defence +7%
    Additional Information:
    • The buff is automatically applied to all members of the clan every 5 minutes.
    • The duration of the Clan Unity buff is 5 minutes.
    • The buff is applied on all guilds and academies.
    • The buff does not occupy a buff slot.
    • The buff does not work on Olympiad.

  • Special for your comfort we have adapted a ingame Mail system special for Gracia Final. By using this service you will have a way to send a items or message to anyone from any place.
    • To open your mail - press "Mailbox" at main menu (Alt+X);
    • Send/Receive mail available only in peace zone.
    Types of mail services
    There are 2 types of mail services:
    • Regular mail - mail with attachment or just a message. You just need to click on mail icon (it appear in the left corner under the chat window) Regular fee for the mail will pay the sender;
    • Payment Request - pay on delivery service. At the mail sender will set the price for item(s) that is(are) attached and receiver will not receive the items until he will pay announced fee, which will automaticaly transfered to sender.

    1 - "Received Mail". Mails that you have received;
    2 - "Sent Mail". Mails that you have sent;
    3 - "Select all". Select all mails at this page. Unreaded mails will not be selected;
    4 - Mail field. 1st mail at the top - latest mail, howere it can be sorted by your choice:
    • Type. If there are mails with attachment - it will have special clinch sign at this field. If there is a lock sign - it mean that its pay on delivery mail;
    • Sender. Name of senter or receiver, depending on tap;
    • Title. Mail title;
    • Validity. Regular mails will be kept for 15 days. Pay on delivery mails will be kept for 12 hours.
    5 - List of mails;
    6 - "Delete". Will delete selected mail(s). Mail(s) with attachment can not be deleted;
    7 - Move to another page;
    8 - "Send mail". Button to create new mail.

Adventurers Guide
NPC Family Club Manager (improved analogue of Newbie Helper) can be found Near Gatekeeper at every town, as well as at places where a lot of players are getting together. These are NPCs from which you can take Support Magic, Daily tasks and rewards for them, as well in the future they will be responsible for holding weekly Events and issuing Prizes.

Support Magic and Club Card Daily Quests Ivory Store Events

    • Adventurers' Guide provides additional improving magic for your character and his pet / samona:
      • The list of available Buffs and their levels depend on the level of the Character and the presence of a Club Card.
      • Duration of all buffs - 60 min:
        • Buff are being removed if a character didn't have Noblesse Blessing at the time of death;
        • Can be canceled along with other similar improving skills;
        • Are being removed using Alt-click on them.
      • You can create buff profiles.
    • Buffer is available for all players level 1-62, with a Club Card a player can get buffs up to level 80.
    More detailed list of available buffs will be announced a bit later, however you can say for sure: there will be no 3rd class skills, songs and dances.

  • We have prepared personal daily quests, which will provide some useful bonuses for your character.

    Important information:
    • You can start quest at NPC "Pathfinder Worker" which you can find at: Gludio, Dion, Heine, Oren, Schuttgart, Rune;
    • You can start a quest 1 time a day;
    • Quest cooldown: 6:30 server time;
    • Some reward has a time limit as well as they are personal (can not be trade).
    List of the Quests:

    1. Challenge the Rim Kamaloka
    • Available only for characters with Premium Account;
    • Type: solo;
    • Goal: Complete solo Kamaloka;
    • Stable reward:
      Ivory Coin - 50 q-ty.
    • Reward is reliant on rank of completing Kamaloka:
      Rim Kamaloka Box Grade D (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 20 mins;
      Rim Kamaloka Box Grade C (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 30 mins;
      Rim Kamaloka Box Grade B (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 40 mins;
      Rim Kamaloka Box Grade A (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 50 mins;
      Rim Kamaloka Box Grade S (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 60 mins;
    2. Challenge the Hall of the Abyss
    • Type: group;
    • Goal: Kill RB in Kamaloka;
    • Quest mechanics: quest will consider as completed once character will make a last hit (if he will be in group - quest will be completed for all group, if he will be solo - only for character that have made a last hit);
    • Reward:
      Nobless Scroll (48 hours limited period) - You will feel Blessing of Noblesse effect on your after you use this scroll. Duration: 60 mins. All effects (buff\debuff etc) will still affect on your character after it's death. Scroll effect will be removed.
      Ivory Coin - 35 q-ty.
    3. Challenge the Labyrinth of Abyss
    • Type: group;
    • Goal: Kill RB in Kamaloka;
    • Quest mechanics: quest will consider as completed once character will make a last hit (if he will be in group - quest will be completed for all group, if he will be solo - only for character that have made a last hit);
    • Reward:
      Nobless Scroll (48 hours limited period) - You will feel Blessing of Noblesse effect on your after you use this scroll. Duration: 60 mins. All effects (buff\debuff etc) will still affect on your character after it's death. Scroll effect will be removed.
      Ivory Coin - 35 q-ty.
    4. Successful raid
    • Type: group;
    • Goal: Kill any RB;
    • Raid Boss exeption: Epic Bosses, Instance Bosses, Four Sepulchers and Rift Bosses;
    • Quest mechanics: quest will consider as completed once character will make a last hit (if he will be in group - quest will be completed for all group, if he will be solo - only for character that have made a last hit);
    • Reward:
      Nobless Scroll (48 hours limited period) - You will feel Blessing of Noblesse effect on your after you use this scroll. Duration: 60 mins. All effects (buff\debuff etc) will still affect on your character after it's death. Scroll effect will be removed.
      Ivory Coin - 40 q-ty.
    5. Fighting Evil
    • Type: Group, party or solo.
    • Goal: Collent 50-250 Shard of Evil from monsters. Amount of items depends on the level of chosen location.
    • Player can choose only one quest per day, depending on your chracters leve\fitable location: 1-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-75, 76-80.
    • Mechanic: For every level there are 2 location for your choice. The list of the monsters is also available at quest description.
    • Rewards:
      Ivory Coin - from 50 to 200 q-ty. Amount of coins depends on the level of chosen location.

    • Ivory Coin - event currency,

      which you can receive by taking part in events and daily quests etc.
      • Ivory Coins - are personal, can not be traded.
    • At the server Grand Opening the assortment of the Ivory Store can be considered as symbolic with only consumble items. It has been done to not involve on starting race.

      However it's an dynamical process and assortment going to be updated due to the server stage.
      For Ivory Coins you are going to be able to purchase personal weapons, Runes and other useful items.

      This the example of the Ivory Store of existed server Gracia Final x7 in few month:

      There was 7 updates of the store during a 7 month.

  • During the server we are going to make different events: unique or regular, manual or automatical, for solo players or for groups.
    By taking part at this events you will enjoy useful bonuses and valuable items. But what is more important - to have some good time ;)
    We will announce the events on the forum, stay tuned!

Preliminary version.
Before and during the OBT the assortment of the shop could be changed. Stay tuned!

Family Coin - donation currency,
which you can purchase at your Control Panel:
  • 1 Family Coin = 7.5 Rubls;
  • 10 Family Coins = 1 Euro;
  • Family Coins - can be traded, also you can set a private store on buying and selling Family Coins. So as all Shop assortment is available ingame you can get them.
  • Currency of the Family Coins is stick to the currency of rubls to euro.

Premium Account Club Card Starter Packages Battle Pass Services Clans

      • Bonus will applied to all characters on your game account (but not on master account);
      • How to check if you have Permium status or not: system message when you log in to the game will show when PA is going to end. Also you will have the golden frame at your level parametr.

    • More detailed description will be available at the separate thread before OBT.
    • Main logic - "All in one" - combination of the necessary items for your comfort start and the exclusive assortment;
    • Exclusive way to purchase personal endless D, C, B - grade;
    • Exclusive way to receive some of unique items, such as Riding Mount, Rune of Experience and SP, Family Ring.

    • More detailed description will be available at the separate thread before OBT. Stay tuned ;)
    • Main logic - Access to the unique visial customization of your character via the game;
    • No extra parametrs or something like that. Only personalization, good looking and unique stuff that you can be proud of:
      • Mounts
      • Costumes (with a function of turning off the showing it on all characters);
      • Unique accessory;
      • Barbershop, tattoos, pircing, scarification, piercing, manicure, pedicure, skin peeling, depilation, tanning and so on.

  • Clan reputation scroll - tradable item that can use any clan member.

Class transfer Supplies Extensions Autoloot Quests Pets

  • More detailed info regarding assortment going to be announced a bit later, before OBT.
    • Personal Shot packages, without weightlimit, grade D-S;
    • Quivers with personal arrows, without weightlimit, grade D-S;
    • Elixirs CP, HP, MP B-S grades;
    • GHP, CP, GCP pots;
    • Dye +1/-1, +4/-4
    • Sweet/Fresh Fruit Cocktail
    • BSoE, BSoR
    • Offline Trade Ticket
    • Extra Entrance Passes - extra passes to Kamaloka and Labirinth;
    • DCSH - symbolic price

  • Bracelet with funny Agathion - it will fly near you and make you look cooler as well as provide you with Autoloot benefits!
    • All Agathion bracelet provide you with passive autoloot, no matter what price it is. More expensive agathion will just you make cooler;
    • To activate autoloot all you need is just put bracelet on your character. That's it. Summoning Agathion is not necessary.
    There are 24 different types of Agathions Bracelets:

    Price difference is due to it's look and uniqueness. So Bracelet for 25 or 150 - will provide you with the same bonus.

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