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Event Event - Fresh Fish


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Oct 26, 2015
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Dear friends!

Summer is coming and we think it is time to meet it with a really fresh summer event!

We announce the start of the "Fresh Fish" event!
Starting from 25 may to 3 June mobs will drop special herbs. This herbs will change a look of your weapon and will give your character Fisherman's Power:
  • +15% PvE damage
  • +15% HP and MP
  • 30 minutes duration
  • Will not be removed in instance zones
If you are farming in location without Herbs drop don't worry, you can find special NPC Fisher Herina at Giran Catle Town, which will offer you to purchase a time-limited item - Potion (24hr-limited). This potion will disappear on use and will provide your character 30 minutes buff. And if you are planning to go deep in catacomb for a long time and one potion is not an option for you - you can purchase Package with 5 potions.

Summer is also a time for cocktails!

You can purchase
Cocktails with a special lower price!
  • 1 Cocktail - 2 Family Coins
  • 10 Cocktails - 10 Family Coins
Cocktails will give your characters high level buffs on use. Blue cocktails are for warriors and Red for mages. You also earn an Empty Glass which can be refilled for 1 Family Coin!

Good luck and may the Fish be with you!

PS: Please note that you will need to update game client with our Launcher to see all items and event in general.
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