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Custom Events and more suggestions


Oct 7, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest adding custom events in game from 2 to 2 hours like Capture the Flag, Team vs Team, Treasure Chest Hunting etc.
I believe this events could provide excitement and add a great way of enjoying PVP.
The rewards need to be something that does not destroy the economy of the game, however the rewards need to be worth something in order to attract people, suggestions below:

1) i am thinking a few TOD for the winning team and for the top 3 players from winning and losing team. Example: Team vs Team or CTF - 10 TODs for each team member of the winning team and 5-10 Tod additional for the top 3 players. (3rd place 5, 2nd place 7 and 1st place 10 additional TODs).
Right now in game 10 TODs are worth 5 million adena, so for 15-20 minutes invested in this events the rewards are from 5 to maximum 10 millions adena.

2) New currency that can be exchanged at a new Event shop let's say Event medals or Festival Adena, the things you could buy from it could be: Vitality potions, XP runes, Cosmetics (masks or set changes).

Another thing that i believe it could increase the number of players would be adding voting rewards on a few top sites.

Custom set skins sold for Tod/event rewards/adena would be a nice feature.

I am sure the admin already tough about this and many other suggestions, please let me know what are your toughs about my suggestions.

Worth to mention this are just my suggestions, they don't need to be applied or won't be applied in game, so please don't turn this into a wall of hate replies.



Jun 11, 2014
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A really great suggestion.
Even a reward such as medals with which you could get fame/cosmetics, would be nice.
Reward is less important, The fun that these events provide is the priority.


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Oct 26, 2015
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The suggestion is good, and I said that we plan to do similar events.
The problem is that we just started developing these L2 files and this is first server on it. So a lot of things not yet implemented it takes time for develop.

But we can start some standard events from NCsoft(with updated reward), in next week I think we can start.
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