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Important BONUSES for Newbies! 11.10 Update!

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Oct 26, 2015
Dear friends!
Thanks to all for your activity, suggestions on forum, game and discord.
Today we are ready announce list of change for Third Update and announce BONUSES for Newbies!

Bonuses for Newbies
Beginning from today, all new characters receive BONUSES!
With these bonuses you will comfortably and quickly go through the "start" of the game!

All new character get:
D gr gear box (full D gr sets, weapons jewerly)
C gr gear box (full C gr sets, weapons jewerly)
B gr gear box (full B gr sets, weapons jewerly)
1 day Einhasad's Certificate (improves buffs from NPC Tiberium)

Third Update on server
Server restart will be at 14:00 (UTC +2)
Duration 15-25 min
  • .menu - Type in chat will open menu with stopexp, stopautoloot and offlinetrade
  • Increased adena amount from mobs in Mithril Mines and Den of Evil
  • Add new drop in Solo Kamaloka (Rim Kamaloka)
  • Increase first bid in Giran Harbor Fair
  • For now profiles from NPC Tiberium (buffer) work
  • Fixed doors at Zaken
  • Entrance to the Twins changed, now 83+ lvl can enter too
  • Modified Premium Shop
    • Now here you can add LS and Dyes, open Warehouse, sell items
    • Add Dressing room for Shields
    • Now you can purchase CRP and Bracelet (with Cat Pony buffs)
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