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Server restart May 26. Changelist


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Oct 26, 2015

Server restart 16:30 (UTC +3)
Duration 15-30 min

After server restart you need run launcher!

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help.
You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion

  • Giran Harbor Fair, add new items (now you can see there rare A gr items)
  • Auctioneers from Rune, Giran and Aden now can sell S gr rare items
  • Reduced price of A gr recipes (Adena+AA)
  • Add trading zone on Hellbound Harbor
  • Now if you don't get quest item from Ketra/Varka Raid Boss, you will get in pm reason
  • Fixed "dead" zones on Hellbound when your character can stuck (report me if you find more such places)
  • Fixed description on some rare items, before was incorrect (bad translate from Korean)
  • Increase clan penalty when leave or withdraw members to 1h
  • Now from Hellbound Raid Bosses you can get Neolithic crystals (with these items on Blacksmith Mammon you can improve any items to rare)
  • Mobs changed on Hellbound, some mobs now have more HP, add more resistance to fear, hold, stun attacks
  • Reduced a little adena drop from HB mobs
  • Add more resources in drop from HB mobs (like players ask in suggestions)
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