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Server restart June 12. Changelist


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Oct 26, 2015

Server restart 14:00 (UTC +3)
Duration 15-30 min

After server restart you need run launcher!

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help.
You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion

  • Cleans now work only when you in party (to avoid ppl who make it when you have debuffs from HS). Its temporary changes, in future we add HS debuffs in block buff mode
  • Now bubbles work like must on Interlude - we decide change, due result of voting in discord for last 10 days
  • Fix Sailaren RB, from last update this RB don't work
  • Add new TvT zone
  • Fix on TvT some problems with buffs
  • Fixing visual problem, when you see you get item from mobs, but it never appears on your inventory
  • Add more defense against 3rd software
  • Add Mana Potions (loyalty) and Color Title in Loyalty shop. In the future, we plan add here new cosmetic items, new skins for Cloaks for example
  • Reduce prices for TODs in Premium shop on some items. Add 13 SA in shop, more expensive than market prices from other players
  • Reduce prices for Adena on services like changing 3rd class, subclass and noblesse (to help newbies)
  • Add B gr gear set to Bonuses for Newbies. Now you get D/C/B items + 3 days PA for first character on account
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