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April 11 - First Aniversary of the Union server!


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Oct 26, 2015

Dear Dexters!
On April 11, the Union server is one year old! We are very excited about this date! For x50 PvP server, this is an excellent result!
Together with you, we have passed a long and very interesting way. We have made a wonderful server where hundreds of players enjoy and get fun every day!
Thanks for choosing and your support!
  • April 11 - from 19:00 till 21:00 in Aden Town will be NPC Ahuron Raulian. He prepared UNIQUE souvenirs and some personal useful items in honor of the server anniversary. Speak with him and take your gift!
  • After each donation, you will receive + 25% bonus TOD to your order. Bonuses available only from April 10 14:00 till April 13(including)
  • L2Day event - Letters stop to drop April 13 10:00 (UTC +3) NPC will be in game till April 15 10:00
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