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Event Master Yogi (06.05 - 10.05)


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Oct 26, 2015

Event start: 06.05 - after server restart 9:00 (UTC +3)
Event End: 10.05
NPC will be in towns till May 11 morning

Try your luck with enchanting Staff of Master Yogi! (chances like for usual physical weapon)
Depend on enchant lvl you get, you can exchange staff for useful items. Staff must be equipped when you make exchange.

You can buy this Staff from NPC Master Yogi for 100k adena

Scrolls you can buy for: (ONLY TILL MAY 8 03:00)
  • 1 = 400k adena
  • 10 = 4kk adena
  • 100 = 10 ToDs (can buy only one time in 1 hour)
Also, you can drop scrolls from mobs.

Full reward list
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