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Guide How is working " personal Discount" on web panel!

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Oct 26, 2015
Hello dear Dexters!

Our webpanel have personal discount system.
You can see your personal discount on main page in panel here:

For your donation, you discount level of Master Account (reg email) can rise.
Discount level depends on total sum of you donations for all times playingon Dex project. So its important save your account, and use it on every new server.

Here you all lvl, and what discounts u can get:
  • Ordered more than 100 ToDs = 1% discount
  • More than 300 ToDs = 2%
  • More than 500 ToDs = 3%
  • More than 1000 ToDs= 4%
  • More than 3000 ToDs= 5%
  • More than 5000 ToDs= 6%
  • More than 10000 ToDs= 8%
  • More than 15000 ToDs= 9%
  • More than 20000 ToDs= 10%
  • More than 30000 ToDs= 15%

How it work?
This discounts not give you more ToDs when you make order. But it gives you discounts when you spend it!

For example, you personal discount 9%
  • All goods from Store on web panel will be cheaper on 9%. If Gold Pack cost 900 ToDs, for you it will be 819 ToD
  • When you add 100 ToDs in game, it will delete only 91 from your web balance (less by 9%)
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