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Ancient Mansion, Cursed Town & Charms!

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May 5, 2019
Dear dexters!
After the restart January 9, the new locations Cursed Town and Ancient Mansion will become available in the game!
Also we finally release the Charms! I know that you can't wait to find out all the details, so let's get down to business right away:

Ancient Mansion

Ancient Mansion is a solo/duo location populated by groups of vampires and can be reached through a mansion located near the Hidden Oasis. Monsters in this location can drop Ancient Adena, Forgotten Scrolls and Coins of Hellbound.
This location contains new Raid Boss Demon Prince.

Cursed Town

Cursed Town is a party location with groups of aggressive monsters.
Each group contains Cursed Leader, x3 Cursed Daughter (healers) and x3 Cursed Attendant (damage dealers).
The strategy of farming looks like a fight against mini raid bosses. It is unlikely that you will be able to kill them with AOE like Gem Dragons.
Also the Cursed Leader has passive skill with 50% damage reflection, so Titans are also not so useful.
The location also contains several Town Patrolmen. These are strong single monsters that can inflict a very powerful debuff. Be careful! But they haven't any damage reflect passives ;)
Also, a Charmed Supply Box periodically appears in the location, don't miss it!
This location contains new Raid Boss Amaskari.


When hunting at Cursed Town location, you can get various Badges from monsters and raid bosses.
Badges are used to create and improve charms. Bring the badges to Legendary Blacksmith Shadai at Citadel Outpost.
Badge of Power
Badge of Arcane
Badge of Aegis
Badge of Barrier
Badge of Glory
Badge of Honor
Badge of Assassination
Badge of Focus
Badge of Empowerment
Badge of Enlightment
Badge of Constitution
Badge of Essence
Badge of Morale
Badge of Swiftness
Badge of Acumen
Badge of Renewal


- a new type of item that can be equipped in one of the special slots that open when wearing a bracelet.
Each type of charm grants the wearer certain bonuses. If two charms of the same type are worn, bonuses from only one of them work.
Augmentation is possible. All bonuses from augmentation (with the exception of skills) can work simultaneously.
Charm can be crafted from the Legendary Blacksmith Shadai at Citadel Outpost.
To create Charm you must have x1 Badge + some Coin of Hellbound.
Creating different types of charms requires a different badges and different amount of coins.
There are several types of charms. Each type of charm gives a certain bonus to the parameters of the character.
Charm of Power - Increases P.Atk. By 0.5%.
Charm of Arcane - Increases M.Atk. By 0.5%.
Charm of Aegis - Increases P.Def. By 0.5%.
Charm of Barrier - Increases M.Def. By 0.5%.
Charm of Glory - Increases PvP Attack by 0.5%.
Charm of Honor - Increases PvP Defense by 0.5%.
Charm of Assassination - Increases Critical Damage by 100.
Charm of Focus - Increases Critical Rate by 10.
Charm of Empowerment - Increases Magic Critical Damage by 1%.
Charm of Enlightment - Increases Magic Critical Rate by 1%.
Charm of Constitution - Increases Max HP by 2%.
Charm of Essence - Increases Max MP by 2%.
Charm of Morale - Increases Max CP by 2%.
Charm of Swiftness - Increases Atk.Spd. by 0.8%.
Charm of Acumen - Increases Casting Spd. by 0.8%.
Charm of Renewal - Decreases all skill reuse delay by 1%.
(all values above are for Charm Stage 1. Charm Stage 5 has corresponding bonuses but 5 times higher)

Charm Stage

The power of the charm bonus can be increased by increasing the Charm Stage. In total, the charms have 5 Stages.
You can upgrade Stage at Shadai for a certain amount of the corresponding Badges and Coins of Hellbound.
To upgrade your Charm to Stage 4 or Stage 5 you need also x1 Charmstone. Charmstone drop only from Raid Boss Amaskari in Cursed Town.
(when the stage raises, the augmentation bonus does not disappear)

- To create Charm of Power (Stage 2) you must have x1 Charm of Power (Stage 1) + x1 Badge of Power + 10k Coin of Hellbound
- To create Charm of Power (Stage 3) you must have x1 Charm of Power (Stage 2) + x2 Badge of Power + 25k Coin of Hellbound
- To create Charm of Power (Stage 4) you must have x1 Charm of Power (Stage 3) + x3 Badge of Power + x1 Charmstone + 50k Coin of Hellbound
- To create Charm of Power (Stage 5) you must have x1 Charm of Power (Stage 4) + x4 Badge of Power + x1 Charmstone + 100k Coin of Hellbound

Charm Augmentation

Charm augmentation requires special Charm Life Stones, which can be purchased from Shadai by exchanging regular Life Stones for Charm Life Stones at the rate of 10 to 1.
To augment a Charm, you need x20 Gemstone A. Cancellation of the aurmentation costs 1kk Adena. During augmentation, Charm gives various increases to the character's parameters and can also have a passive skills.
But keep in mind that chances to get a skill are pretty low (near 3%).

Fire Protection - Increase resistance to Fire attacks by 5%.
Water Protection - Increase resistance to Water attacks by 5%.
Wind Protection - Increase resistance to Wind attacks by 5%.
Earth Protection - Increase resistance to Earth attacks by 5%.
Holy Protection - Increase resistance to Holy attacks by 5%.
Dark Protection - Increase resistance to Dark attacks by 5%.
Shock Protection - Increase resistance to Shock attacks by 5%.
Mental Protection - Increase resistance to Mental attacks by 5%.
Hold Protection - Increase resistance to Hold attacks by 5%.
Paralysis Protection - Increase resistance to Paralysis attacks by 5%.
Bleed/Poison Protection - Increase resistance to Bleed/Poison attacks by 5%.
Sleep Protection - Increase resistance to Sleep attacks by 5%.
Shock Attack - Increase effectiveness of Shock attacks by 5%.
Mental Attack - Increase effectiveness of Mental attacks by 5%.
Hold Attack - Increase effectiveness of Hold attacks by 5%.
Paralysis Attack - Increase effectiveness of Paralysis attacks by 5%.
Bleed/Poison Attack - Increase effectiveness of Bleed/Poison attacks by 5%.
Sleep Attack - Increase effectiveness of Sleep attacks by 5%.
Arcane Protection - Increase resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 5%.
Sword Protection - Increase resistance to Sword attacks by 5%.
Dagger Protection - Increase resistance to Dagger attacks by 5%.
Dual Protection - Increase resistance to Dualsword/Dualfist attacks by 5%.
Blunt Protection - Increase resistance to Blunt attacks by 5%.
Polearm Protection - Increase resistance to Polearm attacks by 5%.
Bow Protection - Increase resistance to Bow attacks by 5%.

Shield - Chance to increase P.Def. by 10% when attacked.
Barrier - Chance to increase M.Def. by 10% when attacked.
Might - Chance to increase P.Atk. by 10% when attacked.
Empower - Chance to increase M.Atk. by 10% when attacked.
Glory - Chance to increase damage dealt in PvP by 10% when attacked.
Honor - Chance to decrease damage received in PvP by 10% when attacked.
HP Restorel - Chance to restore 900 HP when attacked.
CP Restore - Chance to restore 1200 CP when attacked.
MP Restore - Chance to restore 600 MP when attacked.
Haste - Chance to increase Atk.Spd. by 15% when attacked.
Acumen - Chance to increase Casting Spd. by 15% when attacked.
Invincibility - Chance to become invincible for 5 seconds when attacked.


There are several different bracelets. Different bracelets open up a different number of charm slots. The simplest ones open only 2 slots, while the best bracelet will open 5 slots (a bracelet for 6 slots will be added in future updates).
  • Bracelets with 2 and 3 slots can be purchased from Shadai on Hellbound Island for Coin of Hellbound.
  • A bracelet with 4 slots can be crafted.
  • There is a chance to create a masterwork bracelet with additional bonuses. To craft bracelet you must get Steel Bracelet Design and Steel Bracelet Recipe at Cursed Town location.


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Oct 26, 2015
Updates from Summer season 2023

New Charms

Charm of Fire - increases resistance to fire attacks by 2-10%.
Charm of Water - increases resistance to water attacks by 2-10%.
Charm of Wind - increases resistance to wind attacks by 2-10%.
Charm of Earth - increases resistance to earth attacks by 2-10%.
Charm of Purity - increases resistance to debuff attacks by 2-10%.
Charm of Protection - increases resistance to buff-cancelling attacks by 2-10%.

You can get these badges from new instance Crystal Caverns and from new Hellbound Raid Boss Tully.
  • Darnel drops badges of Wind.
  • Kechi drops badges of Fire.
  • Tears drops badges of Water.
  • Baylor drops badges of Earth and Charmstones.
  • Tully drops badges of Purity and Protection.

Added new possible craft results for Steel Bracelet (from Cursed Town).
When you create masterwork version you can receive one of the following masterwork Steel Bracelets:
  • Steel Bracelet [Charmed] - has 1 additional charm slot.
  • Steel Bracelet [Reinforced] - gives 5% P.Def.
  • Steel Bracelet [Enchanted] - gives 5% M.Def.
  • Steel Bracelet [Strengthened] - gives 5% P.Atk.
  • Steel Bracelet [Empowered] - gives 5% M.Atk.
  • Steel Bracelet [Polished] - gives 20% Max CP.
* - current masterwork version of Steel Bracelet will transform into Steel Bracelet [Charmed].
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