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Beleth - Cursed Wizard


May 5, 2019

New quest "Path to Beleth" has been added to the game.

1. You can get this quest from NPC Alvin at Citadel Outpost camp. He told that to find a Beleth you must have a special item with strong demonic aura - Beherit
He can create it if you bring the Demonic Eye to him.

2. The Demonic Eye can be obtained from the Amaskari at the Cursed Town. So gather the party and go hunting.
After Amaskari death, each member of party will get x1 Demonic Eye.

3. Give the Demonic Eye to Alvin and he will create Beherit for you. Now, you can interract with Beleth's Crystal at Tully's Workshop.

4. You can get to the Tully's Workshop through the portal in the middle of Cursed Town.

5. Tully's Workshop is a small peaceful area with a Beleth's Crystal in the middle of the room.
Only a Command Channel consisting of at least 3 party can go through the Crystal.
All parties in the CC are required to consist of 9 people and be from same clan.

6. After the CC leader pressed "We are ready!" all parties from CC will be teleported to random separate floors (combat zone) of the Tully's Workshop and the Tully's Trial will start.
From this moment, the 10 minutes countdown begins (for each floor at the same time).
During this period a group of opponents from other command channels can go thorugh the Beleth's Crystal and get the same floor. If so - 9x9 fight will be started.

7. After 10 minutes, a Teleportation Machine will appear in the center of the floor. A party that will destroy the Teleportation Machine will be considered a winner on the floor.
If no one killed Teleportation Machine in 2 minute - winner will be chosen randomly!
After that, everyone who remained on the floor will be sent to the room with Beleth's Crystal, waiting for the completion of other matches.
The winner of the first stage of the Tully's Trial is the command channel that won more matches. So if your parties win 3 times and lose 2 times - your CC is winner.
All groups are waiting for the results in the room with a crystal. If for some reason the result is equal, then the winner will be defined randomly.
After the end of the first stage of Tully's Trial, Command Channels who won (can be 2 if there were 4 different CC participants) - will be automatically teleported to the top of the Towers.

9. Each CC enters the appropriate tower. Immediately after the teleport, the gates are closed and the bridge is raised, but after a minute they will open.
After that, the command channel that was on the Lower Tower will be required to attack those who are on the Upper Tower (fight CC against CC, so 45x45 possible). Because the NPC-Teleporter to the Beleth will appear after 10 minutes in the middle of the Upper Tower.
During this time, it is necessary to defeat the enemy to guarantee a passage further.

10. After 10 minutes, a Teleportation Cubic will appear on the Upper Tower. Cubic will send one Command Channel (who talk first) in to the Beleth's Abode and disappear.

11. Now you have to wait ~1-2 minutes for the appearance of Beleth and start a fight with him.

12. The battle is 5 stages. At each stage there are many copies of Beleth appear and you need to kill the only one "special".
Copies have a large agro radius, so try not to agro the whole room at once.
Beleth uses strong spells and attacks of fire and unholy nature, so it is better to use the some resistance effects.
Copies do not have a lot of health and protection, but they are strong because there are many of them. With each subsequent stage, more and more.
After you kill the "special" copy - all the others disappear and you will have a minute of rest before the next stage.
At the last stage, a real Beleth will also appear among copies. After you attack him all other copies disappear.
When Beleth's HP drops to 75%/50%/25% - he spawn 8 more copies.
After you kill the real Beleth, the passage will open and lead you to the Coffin of Beleth.
Only the leader of the Command Channel can pick up the Beleth's Ring from this coffin.

That's all. The next visit to Beleth is possible after 5 days. Good luck!

Drop from beleth
- Different Badges
- Mithril Bracelet (5 slots)
- Beleth's Bracelet (6 slots)
- Enchant Scrolls
- Charmstones
- Forgotten Scrolls
- Beleth's Ring (from the Coffin)

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