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September 9 - Merging Union and Summer season server!


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Oct 26, 2015

Dear friends!
As usual and as we promised before, we made seasonal which will be merged with our main Union server in the future. The time has come!
This is a very important topic, here we will explain all the RULES of merging. Please read it carefully in order to prepare properly and don't lose important characters and items!

We are planning to keep the practice, open new server (new season) and then merge it with Union server.

On September 9 morning, we will switch off both servers to maintenance, this can last full day, after we finish all, you will see only one merged Union server with your characters.
You have time to prepare for this event.

How it will be?
  • We merge both Data base from Union and Winter season servers
  • All castles/clan halls/fortress return to NPC
  • After merging Hero-statuses will be deleted. Oly will be closed. Week without fights will be from September 11. And new week with fights start from September 18 (Monday), new Heroes from September 25
  • First sieges will be September 17
  • TvT after merge will be closed till Monday September 11. (this week season without rewards)
  • All not received mails will be LOST after merge !!! Please get all items from mail before merging! If you lose it, its only your fault, after merge we don't have any possibility to restore! So not be lazy!
  • If character, or account with your name exist on UNION, you will get prefix "s7_" to your name. After Merging you can change name for free on webpanel.
All character will be transferred. Including boxes etc.



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