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April 20 - Spring season Interlude x30


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Oct 26, 2015
Opening April 20 at 19:00 (UTC +3)
Open Beta Test from April 16

This is pre-announcing of soring season server, so we want to share some key points of it.
(Full details with road map we announce a bit latter)

Main features
  • Modern Classic client (less lags, smoother gameplay, a lot of useful interface features).
  • Anti-bot protection - we use our own system in combine with popular solutions like AAC, so in the end our project have one of the best anti-bot shield exists.
  • Buff book to buff yourself or your summon/pet. With regular buff book you can create only 1 buff profile, if you need more - get the modern buff book and create up to 10 profiles!
  • Daily rewards - login to the game every day and get rewards.
  • Expanded subclass slots - you can have 5 subclasses from the beginning and expand up to 10.
  • Class/Gender change - you can change your main class and gender if you want.
  • Masterwork items (can be obtained by crafting or farming RBs, have better bonuses than regular items).
  • Item Broker Auctions in towns can sell some epic jewelry and other useful goods for adena (3 times per week).
  • Giran Harbor Fair - daily event which allows you to get temporary epic jewelry a lot of other rare items for adena.
  • Talents - special tree with passive skills which will help you to tune your class better.
  • Episodes - we open new content step by step to keep you engaged, bring more fun and extend the game. Episodes reveal following features:
Other features
  • From the start, all characters have 24 slots buffs (Divinity Inspiration books removed from game)
  • Following skills now learned automatically: Expand Storage, Expand Inventory, Expand Trade.
  • Increased weight limit by +200,000.
  • Bracelet which allow you to get Hot Spring debuffs.
  • Simplified Nobless - you will get "pieces" even if not lasthit Barakiel, so in a week you will be a nobless in any case.
  • Reduced respawn for regular RB to 8h, improved reward in the drop from regular RBs
  • Set enchant bonuses - the higher you enchant your set - the more bonuses you get.

Changes since the last season
We started last season with the slogan “Back to the roots.”
The key goal is to quickly gear up your character to get out from farming and take part in pvp, daily fights and get more fun from the PVP server.
We reworked our schedule and concept to make server look much more closer to CLASSIC INTERLUDE.
And our players really liked it. This practice will remain unchanged in the new spring season.

This season we want to make another big change to the general concept of donate at our project.
We remove a lot of things that previously could give an important advantage over players who play without donate.
Also you will have an opportunity to receive free Premium Account Scroll - 2h if complete a set of daily tasks.
  • NO more zerg at epics. Now only 50 players from alliance can enter to epic boss pvp area. Everyone else will be teleported to the town.
  • NO more starter packs with B-Grade and other things. Everyone start on equal terms.
  • NO more CP/HP/MP potions for ToDs from the start of server (will be added later)
  • NO more unlimited Life Stones from GMshop.
  • NO more endless grind for talents if you decide to switch your class, now you can transfer talents from one sub to another.
Also we removed some other things from GMshop, so this season will have much less donation list than we usually have.
We want to give you as much fun as possible in the warm season. Enjoy ;)

Soon we will post FULL upate list for Spring season. It will be big topic with all detailed changes that we plan make for this season. Follow the news!

Why choose Dex?
We have destroyed the stereotypes that PvP servers live for a couple of weeks.
Our Union x50 server proves it (working from April 2020 with good online and clans fighting for Epic bosses and on Daily PvP).
We have enough high-end content that will allow you to maintain interest in the game all the time!
And we are always working on improving the game and adding new interesting activities and content.

Seasonal servers have a road map with planned list of changes to keep you engaged.
At the end of the season, the server will be merged with the Union server, usually this happens 5-6 months after the start.
So if you're new on Dex, you can start from zero like all othe players on NEW (seasonal) server.
All your items and characters will be safe, and you can continue play when season over on our main server - UNION.

High-end content (unlocked over episodes)
In a month after the server starts we will open big new location - Hellbound Island.
Hellbound is an endgame location mostly for parties, but if you will be well geared you can farm most spots solo.
You can get to Hellbound with help of gatekeepers. Most spots at hellbound are at PVP zone, but the very first spot Hellbound Harbor is a not PvP zone.
Hellbound contains multiple raid bosses and entrance to new epic boss Beleth. Drop from raid bosses and from entire island in general is very valuable.
Monsters at Hellbound can drop special Hellbound Coins which can be exchanged to some useful goods at the Hellbound Trader Joseph.

You can read more about specific features and spots from the list below:

We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on our discord channel, join it we have very friendly community there :)
- Join discord

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