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Aden Prize Wheel - DexBR v.2


Nov 8, 2013
Since the other topic was closed way too fast ...
Now my question is, if we dont have Tauti chronicle, how can we use Tauti bracelet, or Talisman of longing?
- even the tauti items dont appear now in list, persons who got them on site, cant use them in game..

I`ve met another problem. One time, on site i got nevit rune 200% exp..Checked Dimensional merchant ingame, but i got only nevit hourglass 50%..
And seems i am not the only one..
I won x20 energy (in this chronicle dont have talismans..), x2 xp pack 100% and i want know how i go obtain this items? On dimensional merchant have only others rewards...

Before server opening, when i said staff planned to make donations for twilight / seraph items, reply was:
those wont be on live server due dex policy . always read our announces not other forum advertising
We removed the first options of Twilight/Seraph itens in l2store, and included Premium Account instead.
So, pay to get twilight items its not good, but pay to get blessed zaken / earth wyrm its acceptable?

A bit of respect for the remaining ~300 players on dexbr wont hurt..


Nov 7, 2013
w8w8w8 u saying dexbr has 300ppl already ? when dafuq that hapened, it just opened


Jan 9, 2014
I do not know how to express this word, I miss the old days of the time the "katalim" that did not have these problems.
Servers like 7-9k ppl without bots, only 4fun. PA was only able to log into the server.
Im played old c4 server 3x servers are full all time, waiting list to login ever....
but old times never will come back again.

eu não sei como expressar essa palavra, eu tenho saudades dos tempos antigos da época do "katalim"
que nao tinha estes problemas. Servers like 7-9k ppl, sem bots, only 4fun. PA era so para poder logar no servidor.
Eu jogei o velho c4 3x, os servidores eram full o tempo todo, sempre tinha uma lista de espera...
mais os velhos tempos numca irão voltar.


Nov 6, 2013
On those times you cry same as now.
Dexbr has ~1500 online that is good for a god srv. Keep in mind that average online is for gmt -3

About tauti, baium etc from wheel .. Rates are v low and doubt was any gained already.

Paid services added wheel to pay the bills of dexbr.
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