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Few questions about server


Apr 15, 2014
Thinking of starting to play here and started downloading the client. Got a few questions while the download completes:

1. What is the max number of boxes?

2. How many people are online how is everything going so far? Is it possible that this server will have the same fate as Wrath or DexBr?

3. What are some good classes for farm or pvp on h5?
Was thinking of going for OL or WC but I'm afraid of not being able to find a party since from my past experiences here people only no-life with CPs and it's a bit difficult if you join the server alone. If it's still like this I would go for a nuker or archer + buffer box. Suggestions for other classes are welcome

4. How hard/easy is it to exp here so far? Seems lvling by killing rb would be pretty easy judging by boosted raid xp or am I mistaken?


Jan 16, 2014
1. unlimited boxes
3. mages best way to solo play
4.rb till 40 lvl nice to exp then kamas/labas



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