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Clan Recruit: Rebelz


Apr 25, 2014
Recruitment Thread from the Clan "Rebelz" International Clan with ENGLISH CLAN CHAT ONLY !!!!!

About us:
We are a new Clan on Arion with some Low Level Chars and some 76+ with Nobless... who are already forming a CP. We are Clan Level 5 and are working together on the Higher Levels. Our Main Goal is to form up some CP... and get some Nice People inside the Clan and for now everyone is Farming and Leveling for the Next Step. Well our next step will be things like Raids... Sieges.. Mass PvP... We wanna be a big Part here and we can do that Only together... thats why we are Looking for new Members Actually we are 17 Active Members playing every day !

What we are looking for:
For now everyone is Welcome... we Invite Newbies, Pros, No Lifers, Casual Players... We have no limit because we enjoy the Game together... So no matter what kind of player you are... If you enjoy the game... and wanna share it with other people who can become your friends... feel free to join us.

What we dont like:
Well We dont like Begging people... its okay to ask sometimes for Items or Adena ... sometimes u will get helped sometimes not... But we dont like to see people flooding the clan chat with asking for items or adena... thats not the kind of help we offer... everybody should take care about his gear... and progress... and we dont like scammers or server rule breakers... If u dont respect the Server or the people who are playing here... u dont respect us as well... so be a nice guy and u get it in a nice way back :)

What we got:

Well we got a Teamspeak
Soon i will create a Raid Planer for Clan Members so everyone know what Date what we are going to do and so on...
Clan Hall is in Progress soon...
Clan Crafter almost in Progress...
We got a simple system... Dwarfen Items/Materials and Recipe can be donated by everyone into the Clan Warehouse... the Clan Crafter will be for Clan Only... so its up to you if you wanna support it or not... we dont force anyone to do this... is a free mind choose... :)

Well I think i got almost everything...

If you still think you wanna Join the Clan...

go ahead... Contact me on Haxium... or the other Leaders Bahamud, Raffnix or Kassy or Gangolf

Peace out my friends hope to see you soon :)
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Apr 27, 2014
Hello, I am interested in joining. I am not a hardcore player (anymore) I play 4 hours/day normally, more on weekends. I am playing EE


Apr 25, 2014
Like i said... we Accept Hardcore Players to form a CP Inside (We already got one half HC CP) and we Accept Fun Players with a RL... Because everyone from us can be usefull for example if somebody missing in a cp and a normal player is online in clan... so the cp is filled again for this missing hours or days where the cp miss one or 2 guys... thats the idea... all i want is respect inside the guild and loyality... You can become alone a Legend... but you can write History only together :)

But you are now already a Member from us... So welcome Again :)

For the rest... Hardcore... or Normal... Solo or CP... We Accept everyone who respect the English Chat... and the Members/Friends in Clan

For now Leveling and Gearing is the Prime Goal... We have a Craft Dwarf who is Logged in by the Leader or Officers in Clan...

After that we are Heading for the big Clans... War with them... Siege... Raids... and many more Clan Events...

We got Teamspeak.. and if our Raid Progress is starting a Website .. with Date News and stuff like that...

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