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How to increase the community


Mar 20, 2014
1- Make a reward to ppl who make a intro(movie) for L2Dex project
-- The top 5 will get PA or some reward in-game

2- make they do disclose on forums about lineage2 (java or l2off)
-- give the reward to ppl what more that 1k view and more that 20 replys

3-Every clan who come to the server, get clan lvl 5 +30k reputation
-- need to have at least 15 members (diferent ips)

4-Clans what take Giran,Aden and Rune castle
-- the clan rewarded

5-Ppl what make fraps(movies)of pvp inside the game
-who made it and upload on youtube, get reward

6-the big clans
-- the bigs clan that confirm incoming to the server, they get clan lvl 7 (must be at least 40 players)

i will think more ways to get more ppl

i was talking with some player that alrdy played on dex, and he are have a little miss trust on the server, because of old project, so let make this a good one, and listening to the players? and get back the old dex community ?


Mar 20, 2014
2 in 3 person dont wanna play in dex bcoz of bad reputation

gl playng hellbound with 30 online


Jul 18, 2014

I'm trying to understand that this serves your comment, I think for nothing right then answer me, what are you doing here?
Idk what he i doing here, but maybe is something similar to what I am doing here...

Just checking if there is more than 3 online on H5 so maybe I can enter game and waiting for news about L2 CLASSIC project.... I hope they really stick to the project because everything else is just left behind...

While L2 Classic is not released I will spend my time playing on another server... No one likes to play alone, no mater how good is the server... Dont blame the community, its not players fault...



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