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Wiki Changes on Grand Olympiad


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Oct 26, 2015
Changes on Grand Olympiad

We are quite confident to say that the below changes will improve the Olympiad system, make fights more balanced and more concentrated in the last week of the Olympiad cycle.
And heroes themselves will not bring in too much advantage.

Olympiad Features:
  • Removed 3x3 fights and class fights
  • Changed Olympiad stadiums in accordance with the High-Five
  • Added daily Olympiad quests as on the High-Five chronicles: 3/5/10 wins in a row, 3/5/10 fights
  • For each win at the Olympiad, the player receives 200 Olympiad Token
  • Changed assortment and Olympiad's store prices
  • Hero weapons have P. Atk and M. Atk according to the High-Five chronicles, but have no attribute
  • Infinity Spear - Cancel mechanic has been changed as on High-Five
  • Removed hero skills: Heroic Grandeur, Heroic Dread, Heroic Valor.
  • Heroic Miracle and Heroic Berserker duration reduced by 2 times

Olympiad Details:
  • The Olympiad cycle is 2 weeks
  • Olympiad starts 14 of October (Monday)
  • On the first week all players with nobles will get 10 Olympiad's points, but there will be no fights that (first) week
  • Second week all players with nobles will get +40 Olympiad's points total(+10 points each day from Tuesday till Friday) and from this point fights will start
  • During second week, every day there will be 1x1 fights from 20:00 to 23:40 (UTC +2). There is no limit to the number of fights you can do
  • New Hero will appear and get rewarded on Monday when new cycle starts

There is still time to put your 5 cents to our project so please log in to the forum and share your wishes and comments!
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Dec 13, 2013
Well, i think all the hero skills should not function inside the Olympiad system, for all the people have equal chance in becoming a hero, and, optional of course, not really necessary, also should not work in castle sieges, for all the people and new clans have a equal chance at a castle claiming & castle skills :)
But: The hero skills should work in pvp areas and on free run, farming, etc. Where is the fun having a hero if not :))
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