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Wiki Mammons Changes


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Oct 26, 2015
Mammons Changes

All Mammon NPC updated.
Now they have expanded assortment and added new features.

Black Marketeer of Mammon Blacksmith of Mammon Merchant of Mammon

    • You can Adapt Epic Jewellery. This jewellery can't be traded or dropped - binds to the character. When Epic is adapted its m.def is increased. Cost is 25kk adena. You can revert it for free.
    • Changed store assortment:
      • Ring of Queen Ant = 3 Ring of Queen Ant Piece* + 100kk adena
      • Ring of Core = 3 Ring of Core Piece* + 100kk adena
      • Earring of Orfen = 3 Earring of Orfen Piece* + 100kk adena
    *When the Epic RB will be defeated and Epic Jewellery don't drop, you will get Pieces of epic jewellery. You can trade it.

  • Now at the Blacksmith you can upgrade your items to the masterwork version using
    Neolithic Crystal
    Neolithic Crystal
    - can be obtained in Giran Harbor Fair or during Events.

  • Merchant's assortment been increased. Now you can buy enchant scrolls A and S gr.

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