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Important 25.09 Big Update on Evolution x15!


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear friends!

Thanks to all for your activity, suggestions on forum, game and discord.
We have selected some ideas and request from you and decided to implement it in game!

Tomorrow at 11:00 (UTC +2) will be server restart

After restart:

  • Dance / Songs no longer disappears after character restart
  • Now you can change clan leader faster from NPC (no need to wait for server restart)
  • Trading Zone will be moved back to Giran Town (a lot of ppl ask about this from server start). Giran Harbor Fair will not stop working (20:00 and 03:00 UTC +2)
  • Reduced price for 1st and 2nd profession
  • Fixed respawn time of Cabrio and TOI sub RB to 8h, now will work like it should
  • From 2 min to 7 min increased time when you can speak to the chests after Cabrio and TOI sub RB death
  • Add cursed bones to Grocer Alexandra
  • We start Event Location of the Day!
    One location full day will get Wisdom of Giants buff. Till Monday this will be one day - Imperial Tomb, another day Forge of Gods. Check announcements!
  • Increased assortment of Buffs from Priest of Einhasad (now you can get some 3rd profession buffs)

Restart duration 15-25 min!
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