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Server restart July 24. Changelist


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Oct 26, 2015

Server restart 16:15 (UTC +3)
Duration 15-30 min

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help.
You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion

  • Fixed problem with increasing weight limit when change subclass (in test mode)
  • Reworked Cancel mechanics. Buffs that give you resist against cancel good help and when you have such buffs, you have more chances to delete less buffs from 1 cancel (in test mode)
  • When you mount or dismount on strider, dances / songs not disappear
  • On location Enchanted Megalith (Green spot) add to mobs Reflect Damage
  • Reworked Life Stones skills icons (before was few icons for all skills, we make it much more)
  • Added physical skill resistance to Absolute Protection effect
  • Added to buff Prophecy of Wind resist to Cancel - 30%, and increase resistance for debuffs from 10% to 30%
  • Now torches drop from all mobs in FOG



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