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What's next? You can create game account. Have fun in the forums!

Gifts for all New players! +10% Extra ToDs for all donations(29.10 - 1.11)!


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Oct 26, 2015

Dear friends!
Thanks to all for your activity, suggestions on forum, game and discord.
Today we are ready announce BONUSES for Newbies!

All new characters from October 29 11:00 (UTC +1) will get:
D gr gear box (full D gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsD/ssD
C gr gear box (full C gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsC/ssC
B gr gear box (full B gr sets, weapons jewerly)
100 Mana Potions

Important links:
- How to setup game, and prepare game client
- Registration account
- Full server Description Interlude x50
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