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Important Gifts to all NEW players and Clans!


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Oct 26, 2015

All new characters from December 1 will get:
20 lvl on start
D gr gear box (full D gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsD/ssD
C gr gear box (full C gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsC/ssC
B gr gear box (full B gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsB/ssB
100 Mana Potions
x3 Certificate for free S gr shadow weapon (loyalty)

  • Clans who move on server with 3+ CPs can get 6 lvl Clan - Write to kazama on our discord

Important links:
- How to setup game, and prepare game client
- Registration account
- Full server Description Interlude x50
- Discord
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