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Server restart November 4. Changelist

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Oct 26, 2015

Server restart 11:00 (UTC +1)
Duration 15-30 min

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help.
You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on our discord channel

ATTENTION: After server restart you need run updater!

  • Will be deleted all Halloween boxes (with masks), candies, scrolls. Please spend it today
  • Start new Event Lucky Pots (Skirtos) - Lucky Pots (04.11 - 14.11) - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude
  • Now you can't enter TvT if your character have karma
  • Increased quest drop from Ketra/Varka from x2 to x5 amount. (Molar of Ketra Orc/Varka's Mane)
  • Add New NPC Class Manager (It's just for newbie players, to easy find where u can change profession)
  • As you requested, we add opportunity exchange buff bracelet (malaria, flu etc) for another for a fee - 75 ToDs
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