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Important Server successfully STARTED!

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Oct 26, 2015

Dear friends!
We want to congratulate everyone with successful server launching!
The opening went exactly as was planned at 20:00 (UTC +2). It was smoothly, without any technical problems.
And we are very happy about that :inlove: Nowadays, openings rarely held without attacks and technical problems.

We still see some activity on test server login.
To enter LIFE server, you need CHECK UPDATES by updater!
If you still have some problems on login, join our discord for help - Join the Lineage2Dex Support Discord Server!

TOP 10 players by lvls - Statistic on 00:30 (UTC +2)!

You can check statistic at the bottom of the site.

Don't forget to use Way of Giants(locations: Cruma Tower, Forsaken Plains, Forbidden Gateway, Blassing Swamp) to get extra buff - Wisdom of the Giants

Next days, according to our plans, we will start the first Event - Location of the day!
Details coming soon, stay tuned.

We want to thank all our players once again for choosing of our project!
Thank you for your support and help in preparing of this server!
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